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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Neeshka (played anonymously)

    Her RP style is immaculate, and she takes time to converse with her partner when things need to pause, or if she needs a break. Her skill is wonderful, and makes you feel like you are there, as if it was a story.
    -- Ikavalios
  • jssxxjss

    We've only been roleplaying on the dedicated forum for a little bit of time, but I love jssxxjss's style. She is witty and thorough and roleplaying in her world is highly entertaining. Not only that, but her style is unique, and it teaches me to elaborate my text better. I look forward to continuing my current scenario with her and possibly more in the future. I highly recommend checking out her forums.
    -- PenguinColada
  • Voldarian_Empire

    An amazingly nice and lovely person! I have yet to RP or game with them, but they were super nice and helpful when I was hosting my first raffle. Their characters are so incredibly detailed and their mind is genius with all the various races they've created. Super happy to have met them here on RPR!
    -- Somnom
  • Nectar

    She met me during a bit of a low period in my life recently and has put up with my annoying habits and has helped me do better as a person, even if she doesn't know it. She is kind, full of love and a lot of fun to swap recipes with and chat with. She has been there for me when I needed someone the most the past few months. RP with her has always been a blast, her characters are super creative and a huge joy to interact with (not to mention Ayumu and Khamis are super cute together xD)
    -- Cinnawolf
  • Finn (played by Konopine)

    I like Finn because he's the type of guy I want to talk to. You'll love him because he seems nice. I want to meet you, Finn! <3
    -- Trueblueleader1
  • Cherry_Red

    She is a super great roleplayer she is smart thinking and she doesn't hold back anything at all and she is a really good person to. So you will love her to for how great she is .
    -- Dex
  • Flaming-Sapphire

    Where do I start? She's just fantastic, her characters are fun and sweet (just like her) and it's just so much fun Rping with her.
    -- Vali99
  • Abigail_Austin

    Abigail found me lurking in the dark corners of RPR and was the first person to ever really have a full OOC conversation with me on this site. She is a phenomenal person with a big heart and a lot of understanding. Intellectual, super kind, very supportive and non judgmental. I wish she lived near me so we could go get coffee and kick it. if you haven't talked to her yet, you should! We haven't RP'd yet.. but Ima bug her about rectifying that soon. <333
    -- Mipps
  • Kruhee

    Defenitley time to give Kruhee another kudos! Kruhee is such an amazing writer and creator. Her characters are beautiful, intriguing, and different. Her writing style and grammar is a beauty in its own right. Heck, I’d marry Kruhee 😉. She is “undeniably awesome, undeniably funny, undeniably Kruhee”.
    -- Redrose
  • DukeKagan

    I have been role playing with DukeKagan for almost 2 years now and still to this day he is by far the greats RP partner i have had. We committed to a long term RP that gave way to my first novel. Even now we take about a week to work our plots and character backgrounds which makes the RP even better.
    -- GlitterKitten96

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