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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Juls

    The only problem with Juls is that it took me being on the RPR for about two years before I found her! Her "stealing" my character Arthur in one of the public forum games turned into an RP and now here we are! I LOVE the play we've got going. Such a talented writer and so friendly! Dorothy is excellently written, but Juls makes the narrative so much more interesting by adding in a bunch of side characters to make the whole world seem that much more immersive and engaging!
    -- Atrevida
  • Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

    When I saw Dorothy, I knew I wanted to get an RP going with her. I knew she'd fit perfectly into the Western I'd been dying to write out for a while now. We've barely scratched the surface, and I'm already hooked! Dorothy is an awesome character, with such a realness to her that always has me scrambling to read her next reply. I can already tell she's a complex character with a lot of layers, and I can't wait to get all the details as our RP progresses. Juls has done a fantastic job with her!
    -- Atrevida
  • Foxy_TheWarrior

    She's amazing with plots and the details she uses makes the rp so real,also she's so nice and she is really incredible I constantly check my messages to see her reply and I normally can't wait and we just started rp and I recommend her!!
    -- Blue_Crimson
  • Blue_Crimson

    I love how Blue can make a rp come to life and they’re quick with their replies. I recommend doing slightly horror rps with Blue, in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • Texas1552

    I love the way he rps and he’s my best friend off of the Xbox One S, then he’s very kind to everyone. I recommend talking to him if you have problems happening in real life, in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • ShadowFlame2022

    I love the way she plans out a rp and she brings it to life, then doing hero rps with her makes it better. So I recommend rping with her if you like heros, in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • KingoftheArrows

    I love the way she’s a helpful person on the site and she helps bring a rp to life. I recommend if you like Warrior Cats, I would rp with her and it to be long termed, in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • PsychoStorm

    He’s an awesome person that’s kind and caring about people. I recommend doing with him if you like vampire and werewolf rps, in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • Mewsie

    No matter how many characters you create, none will take the place in my heart that Empty holds. Back in the day when the Gay Forest Inn was home to our brain children -I was happy. I looked forward to spending time with him every single day. The ever so popular kitten no one could get enough of. Thank you for the memories. ❤️
    -- Elliott
  • Naikios

    Euphoria -what you experience by observing this angel's creations. You don't need drugs to get high, instead she causes artistic addictions with the things she creates. Instead of blood there is a rainbow, with beads of glitter taking the place of sweat. You can't resist her artwork and one isn't enough. 💙
    -- Elliott

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