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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Duck

    You find out quickly that any intimidation you feel about Duck is absolutely ridiculous because there's a sweet soul and creative mind here that absolutely deserves to be explored and loved. My favorite thing about this little quacker is that Kayl is real. Communication comes easy and you can rest easy that reassurance isn't false or misguided by friendship; he'll be real with you in a way that only a Good and True friend can be. Am love lil quack quack. Become him lil duckling, no regret.
    -- pockets
  • Auburn (played by Lullaby)

    aye.. lovely feral.
    -- Mortain
  • WickedIsGood

    WickedIsGood truely is one of the best you’ll find on here! Their responses are always well thought up, they always have ideas for the plot of the roleplay and they’re just a generally kind and sweet person. I really enjoy role playing with them and know a lot of other people probably do too :D
    -- Wolfcat
  • Lornzie

    This is one of my first roleplays with Lornzie, but I am loving every post she puts out! She's kind, sweet, patient, and just an all around awesome person! I'm definitely looking forward to another roleplay with her if either of us has an idea for one!
    -- Ricochett
  • Sam James Black (played by NightmareBryce)

    Sam is literally one of the most sweetest and romantic characters I've ever had the pleasure of role-playing with. He and my character, Bianca had such a great chemistry. He has so many layers to him that it keep you on your toes and that's what makes him so likeable. NightmareBryce did a wonderful job in creating him.
    -- Willo
  • Duck

    Kayla's more than a clever twist of php on some site: beyond the cool, witty characters, grit teeth and ironic humour, there's this incredible, layered and funny soul with a kind and genuine heart that just bursts into your inbox with twisted whimsy and sunshine. keep doin u sunshine!
    -- Fiebs
  • Iranican (played by Wolfcat)

    Isn't Iranican something?? Yes indeed! Why wouldn't he be? I've roleplayed with Ira for so long that I already lost count. He's just too adorable! He's absolutely easy for my characters to get along with him and understand his problems, just because majority of them grew up together! I love Ira so so sooooo much that I don't have the words to describe him!
    -- Jiminieee
  • Peachcakes

    I can't even begin to describe how awesome Peachcakes is. I've only just started RP with her, but I anticipate every post with bated breath so to speak. She's a great communicator, and is fully invested in her characters as well as the story. Seriously. RP with her. She's just the best.
    -- RedHeadSamurai23
  • Lord_Cross

    Not a lot of people have the creativity to hop to and make an RP a wonderful and thrilling experience, but this odd fellow does. I'm always eager to write nearly anything with this guy.
    -- Therion
  • Ban (played by FlamingPsycho)

    The concept of him is wonderful, playing on something that is ever present is captivating.
    -- MisterNiko

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