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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • emily

    I haven't known Emily very long, but it doesn't take much time to realize she's a sweet and talented person. Beyond her ability to write characters that are nuanced and multi-dimensional; she has the ability to make you feel entirely at ease with any encounter. She brings people together in a way I am envious of, both as a person and with her characters. She's truly one of a kind and I'm honestly humbled whenever I get the pleasure of interacting with her OOC or IC!
    -- Caitlin
  • Cato (played by emily)

    Like, sure, Cato CAN kill you and I have a lot of respect for him in that aspect but I've also seen him stupid excited to eat a home-made lollipop and in heavy defense mode of his family and that's really sweet to be a part of. I like a gang member who isn't always uptight and angry, who has a business face but also has a face that others that he likes and cares about can see. The lack of two-dimension when it comes to Cato makes me want to dive in and see what other faces of his I can dig up.
    -- pockets
  • Atley (played by emily)

    It is like stupidly refreshing to find a character who not only turns yours into a vampire, but very happily sticks around to teach them the ins and outs and be a true sire. The familial bond between Atley and my character feels so genuinely forged I haven't had to stop and ask myself if it's real, if we're forcing it, because Atley's affection and care couldn't possibly lead to anything less than the love my character has for him. The Best Sire On This Site.
    -- pockets
  • mitchs98

    I don't know why it took me so long to finally do this, but Mitch is not only a good friend of mine, but a wonderful rper. He knows how to keep things moving, and the his characters feel real and vivid. He replies quite often, that sometimes it's hard to keep up, but it's always worth it to have another wonderful rp friend whom understands how hectic things can be. He is very patient and kind. And a whole lot of fun. So why haven't you rped with him yet????
    -- Godfrog
  • yzaiskane

    This woman is a gem in the world of RP. She writes very eloquently, but not over-the-top fancy. She gets her point across and allows room not only for her character to grow, but YOURS as well! If you want a nicely thought out plot with stellar characters, go for yzaiskane first!~
    -- FandomsForDays
  • Duck

    I feel like I missed many opportunities before because of my own senseless intimidation of Duck. I cannot be more thankful that I got over that, because what I found was a kind, funny and amazing person who I am honored to get to know better. I think my favorite thing about Kayla is his ability to bring people together with his wit, charm and humor. I'm excited to be able to RP with his unique and creative characters and hope to be the friend to him that he is to everyone around him.
    -- Caitlin
  • konnie

    I was just sitting here thinking...why haven't I kudos'd this amazing, creative mind. Time to fix that. Konnie is a wonderful person, both in his character creation but also as a friend. Without him one of my favorite communities would've just died and that would've been sad. He goes above and beyond for everyone and even though I've only known him a short time I can't imagine going back to a time when I didn't. I hope I get to continue to be your friend because you make every day better!
    -- Caitlin
  • Lune

    It has been a long while since I last RP'd with Lune and I truly regret it. She is one of the kindest and most welcoming people you could ever meet. Her warm personality is enchanting and her characters and beautiful, flawless and detailed. I hope to RP with Lune soon, otherwise I'm happy to chat away with this wonderful lady!
    -- Luxe
  • emroidz

    Macaroni (better than my favorite food)
    ImPECKable writer
    Lovable to everyone
    Yellowest peepling
    -- Lune
  • Lyssic

    Lyss is a woman I was initially frightened of. She exudes regality, class and talent beyond bounds. Her characters are well written and beautiful in all ways and her roleplay drags you in. Now I know her, she is one of the sweetest people I know and a friend I never want to be without. You're stuck with me now!
    -- Luxe

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