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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Demonghoul

    Ok lets go with this she is my real sis so i know her better then anyone,she is awsome,i look up to alot,even though we are twins we are born a hour apart,But we have been though thick and thin togather till awhile ago we were split,she understands alot of things...hmm i guess thats it she does have a good persaulty
    -- Shad3
  • Cadmael (played anonymously)

    Fantastic character, fantastic, creative, inspiring writer. I don't know their main account, but I don't need to. I trust them. They didn't know mine either up until I wrote this, I guess, out of convenience.

    Here's to Francis and danger noodle!
    -- Spook
  • Kidd

    Kidd is one beautiful human being and this was long time coming... their writing is splendid; their characters feel like real people; seeing a reply from them always made my day; kind, patient, understanding and ready to plot, Kidd is the best roleplay partner you could ever wish for and I am forever grateful for having gotten the opportunity to roleplay with them.
    -- Wixiany
  • Rose-Garden

    I don't even know where to start with her. honestly I must say that she has brought upon a spark in me that inspires and motivates me to post with quality and with excitement. Not taking anything away from others I RP with. She brings back a nostalgia of crossover world building which allows me to explore more with her RP wise.

    Wonderful to talk to, amazing to RP with, she brings the best out of you and honestly worth your time if you ever wanted to get acquainted with her. *slight bow* :3
    -- KingTai
  • KingTai

    We have only been roleplaying for a few days now but oh my god has it been an RP paradise, Each character is incredibly fleshed out while still leaving so much to the imagination. Each post he sends is so detailed that it has me giddy with excitement every time I get a new message.

    Just knowing them has made me want to become a better roleplayer so if you ever have the chance to Roleplay with this gentleman I say don't hesitate you will be thrust into a world of pure RP bliss. :)
    -- Rose-Garden
  • CassandravH

    Cass is by far one of my favorite people on this site. She's so wonderful, with characters that make me so excited to read about, who have lively and exciting personalities. She's so great to talk to, even out side of role play things, and she's so easy to get a long with. I adore her and want to hug her for a thousand years. It's rare that I click so well with a writer so quickly but I'm so glad that I have. Writing with her is so amazingly fun.
    -- PrinceLacrima
  • PrinceLacrima

    An absolute brilliant writer, and an even better person. They're someone you can have a long conversation with while you get excited over plot, or leave you sitting in anticipation for the next peace. I give them the highest compliments and regards in their writing and in all other aspects. Ner will I ever regret a single moment of writing wit them.
    -- CassandravH
  • Dreven (played anonymously)

    The way tou made the character sheet is amazing and appeal to look at wall also fitting the character that you made!
    -- ora
  • AzKai

    Kai is one of the kindest souls you could ever meet, but they're not just kind! Oh no to say they are creative just scratches the surface. There is a depth to their characters that requires more than one helping to discover. I am so honored to call them a friend and even more so that they have indulged me with roleplay. <3
    -- TakodaVega
  • UsagiSmith

    You know I can say a lot about Usagi. But I can’t really describe her. We’ve been friends for a long time and I call Her my sister. She is someone special and always close to me. She is an amazing role player and more so an amazing person. I honestly want to to write more but all I can say those who don’t to with her and give her the time are fools. She truly is a wonderful person who I am honestly happy to have as my friend and family ^_*
    -- Lanx12

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