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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Nayara Gariard (played by Ahrun)

    Nayara is always ready to fight. And that's what I love about this character. She's all about the fighting, the arena, the moral grounds of it too, is just stunning. I've admired the character and love how the player sticks strictly to IC. So Go Nayara! Keep up the good work!
    -- Michonne
  • MitsuHarp

    Mitsu is an excellent communicator and a really neat roleplay partner! They do a great job paying attention to details and keeping their character consistent and believable. Much fun to write with ^.^
    -- WickdCookie
  • _Sadie_

    I’ve procrastinated too much with this,
    I need to give them a kudos now!
    They are seriously amazing, their responses can vary from cute, to emotional! I’m constantly refreshing the page eagerly awaiting a reply! They are my favourite rper, I just can’t express how fun it is to rp with them! Sometimes even to the point where the rp gets so emtional it makes me cry! XD
    -- KikiNiki
  • Bianca Genesis Mendoza (played by Willo)

    Sweet. Amazing and the perfect other half for my Sammy! :D Without a doubt I do have a soft spot for Bianca thanks to the journey she and Sam have got through ^_^
    -- NightmareBryce
  • Iakopa (played anonymously)

    Sometimes you get lucky and you find an incredible character who you click well with and immediately love the writing style of. Other times, one of your bae's has been hiding said character in plain sight. Kopa is everything I want in werewolf roleplay. A character who isn't just a werewolf because it says so on his rpr; he shows it in actions, thoughts, and emotions without needing to wolf out and drool all over the place to prove it. Beautifully designed and executed. My boy.
    -- pockets
  • Sorin (played by Duck)

    A good friend, a better momther. A character who cares in his own way and seems to show it constantly even when he's not doing a darn thing to do so. A boy who you can love entirely and want to throw simultaneously with backbone and courage, with his own twists and turns that keep things fun and keep you on your toes. And such a smart boi with his future robots. Love him more than anyone does I'll fight you over it.
    -- pockets
  • Fischer (played by Duck)

    Wanted to get some real roleplay in before I gave this baby a kudos and I am not regretting waiting. Fischer is a complex character who wears the "hick" stereotype without being fully sucked in and becoming a character who's outright predictable and boring. He owns it, yes, but he's more than a stereotype and THAT is how you do it properly. So much fun. Jooon's kudos is absolutely correct tho. A.. corn lover.. thru and thru. Honestly someone u should count urself lucky to plot w/.
    -- pockets
  • Mythic

    I have already given Kudos once to this creative writer, but I need to emphasize how marvelous their narrative abilities really are. Each character they add flavors the rp very well, and I feel as though I am reading a good book, even though I'm involved in the writing of it. <3 Thanks for good times Mythic!
    -- BreezyDawn
  • frick

    Frick is an amazing writer. We might have role played just a tiny bit but I enjoyed every single post. She gets really well into character and made her best to try and understand my sometimes crooked English.
    She's also great to talk with OOC, you'll surely never get bored with her around. 💚💜
    -- Nare
  • Yimby

    Yimby is a very sweet and very considerate roleplayer. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing with her. The interactions between our characters feel believable and I'm always happy to see her next post in our little world.
    -- Peachcakes

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