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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

    What a rock and roll woman! I love the history of her life! Would like to know more of the bands she was in and hear some of the music! This character embraces the rock and roll lifestyle! I think it would be fun to RP with Rebecca! if you are in an RP with Rebecca you must be having fun! Girls rock!
    -- Deumeawyn
  • Beetroot

    Though life stops us from being able to respond as much as I would like. She is definitely worth the wait. She knows how to express her character/s perfectly and is not afraid to add to the story herself, making scenario's fare more fulfilling and interesting to read and play out.
    -- Dragon_Slayer
  • Nikita Kuznetsov (played anonymously)

    I really love the way Nikita is presented to us! Such care in detail has been put into her page, and it makes me want to know more of her story! Being she can’t remember really gives her a blank canvas for creativity! Give this character profile a read!
    -- Deumeawyn
  • Art and Commissions (played by Kruhee)


    I would most definitely recommend this artist to anyone looking for professional work. This was my first time ever asking for a commission, but Kruhee was very gentle and patient with me when I was asking twenty million questions. She is also a very good communicator and updates the progress of your commission pretty quickly. I would love to commission her again sometime in the future.
    -- Lumaslily
  • Clumsylemon

    I've been writing with Lemon for quite a while now and her posts just keep better and better. There's so much depth to her character and she really knows how to move the plot and the pacing forward. It's so much fun to see where the story will go. <3
    Gurl, you're awesome!
    -- Murkysoulwaters
  • LakotaSiouxWarrior

    I have to say I am blessed to know Lakota! She is always willing to chat with me at weird hours! She is the woman at the door welcoming each and every new member to RP Repository with such kind words! I haven’t roleplayed with her but her characters and their journals are wonderful! Get to know her! She is a blessing!
    -- Deumeawyn
  • MercyInReach

    MerecyInReach is simply amazing IC and OOC. She's understanding and is patient whenever life hits me in the face (as it has now) and is great to talk to. I love her RP style, and I believe we mesh very well. I am always thrilled whenever I see a reply from her, both in our RP and our OOC thread. Great person, and 500 characters are not enough to express this.
    -- Novus
  • Cece Donahue (played by MercyInReach)

    My character Elliot hasn't been interacting with Cece for very long, but I already adore this character. She is bubbly, fun-loving, and just a general joy. Her dark past adds intrigue to her person. A definite must-roleplay toon.
    -- Novus
  • Libertine

    Libertine has my complete admiration and adoration. Their characters are incredibly well thought out and amazingly written out that you get a sense of them and what they're like just by reading through those beautifully built character profiles. Also their games are really well written that I have fun reading and following along, even when I'm not a part of it. Don't even get me started on how lovely they are to talk to, how generous they are, how supportive and encouraging they are to everyone!
    -- Somnom
  • Sanne

    There are not enough characters available to express how wonderful of a person Sanne is and all that she adds to the community. She is so open, friendly, and easy to speak with that no one should ever feel apprehensive to talk to her. She exudes this saintly kindness and comfort to everyone while also having an amazing sense of humor. Also, her generosity with her time given to people and RPR as a whole is awe inspiring.
    -- Somnom

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