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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Mipps's this AMAZING person to talk to over here, just sitting relatively quietly doing her thing, and I just found out. I'm glad I did. Mipps is nothing short of awesome to talk to OOC. Deep, interesting, intelligent, articulate, down-to-earth, pulls no punches. We haven't RP'ed but her writing is top notch, veteran, RP writing, and she draws amazing character art too! See her profile. RP with her. She's awesome-sauce.
    -- Abigail_Austin
  • Juls

    I love to Rp with juls. she is amazing and awesome. her characters made me feel like they are real. she amazing I could never ask for such a great partner. I only wish I met her sooner. her character are so well done it like they are real I can relate to them. she very sweet and is flexible. She has awesome ideas. only if you rp with her will you understand how much fun Juls is.
    -- Kungfu6453
  • Sprokkelhout

    Although this woman and I have not chatted or roleplayed. She deserves kudos for her impressive and outstanding line up of characters. She also is a brilliant talented artist. I'm forever impressed by the artistry and creativity by a artist like sprokkelhout.
    -- LakotaSiouxWarrior
  • Princess Pupper (played by Pauper)

    Princess Pupper is a power packed party! She is just so energetic and fun and lovable, and I just get so excited every time I see a post from this character! There is so much angst and heavy drama in the rest of this site, it's nice to just have some serious fun from time to time. She's so much fun and just so dadgum positive!
    -- ConnanBell
  • Kage (played by ZeekHarbinger)

    AMAZE-BALLZ because the Kinn are the Best and your Martial is one of the most completed and properly played Kinn that there is.
    -- OrderoftheGash
  • Weasel334

    Weasel is brilliant smart role player with a hart of gold. Hes not afraid to dig deep into the roleplay share npcs and add as needed and loves to chat and figure out what works. It's been a long time since I have found this type of roleplayer and is definite "partner" potential and I hope to have many stories with him in the future.
    -- SarietheFae
  • Morgana 'Morgan' MacCuill (played anonymously)

    If you're looking for an avid roleplayer whose friendly, sweet, and very detail oriented, then she's your gal! She's a very sweet and kind person outside of roleplays! She loves coming up with ideas for them, willing to work with you, and even understands too! She's been one of the best roleplayers I've had in a while, and one of the better friends I've had too! I enjoy her company and enjoy her roleplaying too! She's awesome!
    -- Weasel334
  • Xenoworlds_BEYOND

    This user is a cool roleplayer and an even cooler person to talk too! It delivers an awesome roleplay with even awesome characters! God, I need more! Moooooore!!! With a constant supply of characters, the fun seems to never end!
    -- MangoNekros
  • Anna (played anonymously)

    I love roleplaying with her! She's super sweet and friendly! If you're looking for someone whose active, gives professional replies, always open, and is someone fun to talk to, then this is your girl! She's really friendly, sweet, caring, and so much more that I cant put into here!
    -- Weasel334
  • Abby

    One of my partners in crime Abby has became one of the few people that I can't go a day without. Talented and an amazing friend. Her characters are fun and intriguing to explore and get to know. This woman is a GOLD HEART!!!
    -- SennM

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