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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Spook

    Spook's capacity to brighten up somebody's day is one of a kind. Always great to have her nearby to chit-chat, joke around or hype about future roleplays. Not mentioning her talent with art and the way her characters just draw you in the further you read their profiles. While we have not yet arranged and RP together, I can't help but wonder thoroughly on what sort of twists and climaxes she's able to pull into a story. And I am ever grateful for the things she have done for me.
    -- Churchtuary
  • iolhantheX

    Io is just too much of a wholesome blessing into RPR. She's a little glass bottle of kindness, sugar and vicious talent. Never I thought I would be so thrilled by the writing of somebody so amiable would make me say "Oh my goodness!" so loud each time I've read her posts. She's a great friend to have around and I can't help but chuckle whenever she's at the chat piping me for my next post~ Io must be protecc'd, seen to be grown healthy and be told about every of your RPR friends and neighbors.
    -- Churchtuary
  • Gat

    Absolutely totally lovable guy, no more, no less. Met by luck when I saw the simple yet incredibly fun and cute profile for his big alien, Ro, and ever since this incredible guy have been besties ever since. His characters possess a certain charm to them that you just cannot take your eyes off once you're hooked and the only thing you wish from them is to never stop writing together again. But also Gat is a terrible memelord. Can't count how many times I've ran out of breather laughing with them
    -- Churchtuary
  • Grimdark

    The moment I saw the manga strip on this great person profile, I knew she was already an amazing person. Her characters stay true to Grimdark's name and one cannot help but immerse on the horror that might be lurking in the backstories she can come up with. But the most horrific thing you'll find out about Grimdark is her ability to literally destroy your sides with memes. Then again, what lies beneath an avid fan of horror mangaka Junji Ito if not horror under a slightly acidic sense of humor?
    -- Churchtuary
  • nineforalostgod

    Red's ability to intrigue you with her characters is equally proportional to how many times she will definitely obliterate your sides. The ability she possess to immerse you in her writing, even in her character profiles alone, are only bested by few in the entirety of the Repository. The Nakkanan, a race of warmongering saurian aliens are downright creepy if not made terribly funny by our own memes. But Red's entire creations are a wonder on their own. I'm greatly thankful for the day we met.
    -- Churchtuary
  • Petrovalyc

    Each second of my life I feel passing by is wasted by not getting back in writing with Petrovalyc again. Literally best person I've met in the Repository, mayhaps even in the entire internet. Said it once and I will say it again: His writing is the apex of immersion I've found in this forum. His roleplays will either make you crack your lungs out in wheezing laughter or make you dehydrated from tears of either grief or joy. I can't help but yell each time he makes a new character.
    -- Churchtuary
  • Cakey

    This lady's beautiful brain is responsible for some of the best dramatic and comedic RP I've had in my 15+ years of roleplaying. Her characters are gorgeous and compelling and her writing style and plots are exciting (and sometimes downright devilish). I love her RP AND her guts.
    -- Owelle
  • Kamizombie

    I am so used to calling Kamizombie an Oreo, but he is a great listener and RolePlayer who is always willing to work with me on my style on RolePlay and help me improve my characters. Please try him out; you won't regret meeting this cookie.
    -- MissLumina
  • BrandyCat

    This woman right here- she radiates warmth, oozes kindness, and ropes you in with her well written prose and dynamic characters. She also happens to be wicked smart and hilarious to boot. I have thoroughly enjoyed every interaction our characters have had and yearn for more. If you haven't roleplayed with her yet, then I beg you correct that grievous error soon as possible.
    -- Carebear
  • ShiNoTenshi1008

    Oh god! They are so much fun with everything! Personal chats, characters, plots! Everything they do is so good and they are kind and sweet. Not a jerk or anything, I'm so glad to have found them as a partner and I can't wait to keep doing more!
    -- MeanAndEmo

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