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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Key-Blue

    Boy, am I glad that Key decided to join Tam'nyer-a'! <3 Both of their characters in the group are so well portrayed, and the scenes they are writing so lovingly composed, that it is truly a pleasure to build a story together, as we are currently doing. Key isn't afraid to reach out and be playful and they are a delightful plotter OOC, super lovely fun!
    -- DorianM
  • LotusFlower

    Kudos are way overdue for Lotus! She's so sweet and such a creative writer! Her characters are unpredictable and fun to interact with no matter what the plot is. She's also so, so patient. (I take ages to reply most of the time, and she's always so understanding!) She's really a great and friendly person, and anyone would be lucky to get to write with her <3
    -- PrinceLacrima
  • Key-Blue

    Though Key and I have only recently started writing together, it's very obvious that they're an extremely talented writer. I always find myself so excited when I've seen that they replied and I'm always super happy to write back. On top of that they're just such a kind person and so easy to talk to. Smart, creative, and very kind. I'm very glad we've started writing together <3
    -- PrinceLacrima
  • GamerWoona

    These kudos are actually long overdue. Despite a slightly rocky (professional) relationship between two of our characters at the moment :D, I very much enjoyed writing with Woona, and found him open to experiment and improvise, with some lovely results. The story we started a while back has now grown and developed into something shared by several other characters, bringing them together, and this is a rare thing!
    -- DorianM
  • Propitious

    This mystery wrapped up in mischief is a very creative writer and a good friend. I am so glad he joined Tam'nyer-a' and we got a chance to talk, and bond over a common interest in Runes and Norse myths. I cannot wait to see the next twist in the story we are writing together, and I find that every one of his posts brings something to enrich the tapestry of the characters, and triggers new ideas!
    -- DorianM
  • YukiNoKami

    Yuki! I cannot believe that such a talented artist has barely joined RPR and the lovely Tam'nyer-a' group, because she has been so active and done so many things in a short time. She has a variety of characters with amazing art, and her drawing style is so charming that I am thrilled she has accepted a few commissions (and hopefully more to come! <3) Also, Yuki streams and it is a joy to simply watch her draw! Keep being amazing, lovely!
    -- DorianM
  • Mipps

    This little bundle of creative energy is throwing out some lovely characters and writing, but I wanted to give her kudos specifically for her art. Talented, bold and amazingly attentive to the small details that count, Mipps gives a lot of love to each of the portraits she makes, and I highly recommend her! <3 (also, watching her streams is so fun! :D)
    -- DorianM
  • LillustrationsDraws

    I love this person because she’s always making a conversation either funny or really Awesome! And dat is why you should luv dem too
    -- -reece-
  • QueenBlossom

    I am experiencing a role play with Queen Blossom and I must say not only she is a fantastic writer but also her characters are excellent too, she is descriptive, caring and a magnificent person out of character, She cares for preferences of her partner and is exceedingly open-minded in one word she is manifestation of perfection I am rally happy she is role playing with me.
    -- Vozhad
  • Auberon

    I highly recommend Auberon - as a person, as a friend, and as an artist. She's kind and generous, someone who aims to uplift others and who is always interested in helping others be the best they can be. As an artist, she is mad talented and creates beautiful pieces at more than fair prices. Her communication skills are on point and she strives to both set and respect boundaries to ensure everybody is happy. A++!
    -- Sanne

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