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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Galaxy-Star

    She is a great person to role-play with!She was one of the first people I role-played with! She's a joy to talk too also! I'm glad I got to role-play with her!
    -- TheDuckDuttches
  • CypherDorran

    Cypher is a fantastic RPer, you never have to worry about not getting enough detail or dialogue to roll with, not just that they also roll with what you give them instead of ignoring half of what you put down. Great story progression and skill if you do anything on this site, RP with Cypher.
    -- VenatorNocturnus
  • Purple_monkfish

    Purple Monkfish is a Great RPer, they fill their posts with detail and their characters have great depth. I never feel like I have to carry the RP by myself and it's extremely refreshing. I had stages of not messaging an Monkfish was so great and understanding, they are all the things you could hope for in a RP partner.
    -- VenatorNocturnus
  • Skylar_Woods

    Certainly a good RPer, one of the best I've known so far quite honestly. She often replies in a very reasonable amount of time and plays out her characters very well, whom are often very interesting! I'd certainly recommend her for a good story!
    -- Thundershock125
  • Thundershock125

    From what I’ve seen, he is an amazing role player. He puts much detail and thought into his replies. I’d recommend just about anyone to rp with him, as he’s also a very friendly dude. :3
    -- Skylar_Woods
  • Em_Flando

    Em Flando is an excitable youth whos characters are equally as passionate as she might be. She’s a little fast paced but she is keen on taking advice and strives to grow as a writer and will reply with astute dedication to whichever story she begins.

    Full or youthful and entertaining desire ^^
    -- Manofmanyfaces
  • NightmareBryce

    I have been wanting to RP with NightmareBryce for a long time but just never actually asked him for one reason or another. I'm so glad I finally did! He is super creative and so much fun to write with! I am loving our RP and can't wait to see where it goes from here.
    -- asherb92
  • Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)

    Raven is a very cool character!Everybody should rp with Raven cause it’s an amazing character you will like.
    -- Cookiesareyummie
  • WhatsInTheCube

    A fun, playful person OOC, with good self consistent characters IC who are played beautifully. Lots of fun all around!
    -- Avitrathephoenix
  • xKeatonx

    This is one puu you do not wanna miss out on.
    I have quite a lot of fun here, and...believe it or not, Keaton here was among the first to actually drive forth my charas' evolution...and that is a record and a half. Makes me feel bad for breaking Seto's heart, but she's a champ, so...yeah. If you feel done with life, let Keaton in...and I hope Keaton does the same for me.
    -- Xenoworlds_BEYOND

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