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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • C-S-Neptune

    Fate was kind to me this year when it decided that it would grant me C.S. Neptune's friendship. Their incredible capacity for kindness and understanding is equally matched by the incredible talent and creativity that they share with me and the world around them. We have become fast friends in a time where I feared I was incapable of making them and even more so of trusting new ones. I look forward to what our future holds and each art slumber party we share! 10/10 good friend energy.
    -- Majigirl
  • Majigirl

    She is one of the sweetest people I have ever happened upon. She's strong willed and intelligent and I am so happy to know her. I so look forward to geting to know her better. <3
    -- C-S-Neptune
  • koobler

    This fine soul is amazing! ^_^ Her writing style leaves me speechless and I love the amount of paragraphs she uses to RP. It’s not overwhelming and it’s not boring, it’s perfect and I love it! ~ she is kind and sweet, very understanding. Also super creative!
    -- Hubba
  • Art and Commissions (played by Kruhee)


    I have very high praise for this artist. During my commission I was updated constantly and offered several options on the occasions I was indecisive on something. Very easy to work with, approachable, and likeable as an an artist, and the art they make is incredible. If you're not sure if you should commission Kruhee, my suggestion is do yourself a favor and give it a try! 100% I'll commission again!
    -- Voldarian_Empire
  • Acantha (played by Caberoni)

    Acantha is an absolute delight! Full of depth and feeling, thought-provoking and devilishly divine. Never dull or lacking, she is a character to be pursued and adored for her originality and flawless execution. She is poetry wrapped in red; beautiful and terrifying, as only true monsters can be.
    -- Curreap
  • Mipps

    Mipps, lets just say, is fabulous. Their writing style leaves me on edge, and I’m always having a typhoon of emotions whenever I read their response to a RP. Excitement, apprehension, happiness, etc. They make everything come alive in a RP. Their responses are fantastic and I’m always so excited when I see a notification in my inbox, always hoping it’s them. Other than that, they are super understand and kind. I’m my opinion, they are a gentle folk and sweet like candy!
    -- Hubba
  • Hubba

    I hereby am giving Hubba her first Kudos. She came in like a wrecking ball; brand new to RPR and right out the gate I got a message from her for RP. It' been about 24 hours now and I am enjoying her RP style. It is full of beautiful metaphors, like reading poetry. Such subtle nuances enrich her replies. Lengthwise they aren’t too much and not too little; they are just right and each one drives the plot forward. This Panda is a delight. <3
    -- Mipps
  • SmileyChesh

    Chesh is a sweet, kind, and all around incredibly intelligent person. I truly appreciate her friendship, and of course her ability to craft interesting and intricate stories with her writing partners. While she may go a little slow at times, her replies are always worth the wait. I'm glad to not only call her a good friend, but a great writing partner.
    -- Hadeslicious
  • SmileyChesh

    !!! So!!! Chesh??? Is literally the best? I mean we haven't gotten a RP yet because we both keep on getting distracted so big rip to the both of us uwu. But she's a top tier waifu and even topper tier-er RPer!!! She has a lot of love for her characters n her world, I just know it!!! She's wonderful to talk n chat to n a great listener, and the best katto in the world! <3
    -- Kamui
  • SmileyChesh

    While Chesh and I have been acquaintances probably for a few months (perhaps even a year now), we're really only getting to know each other lately and I could not be more pleased. Chesh is an incredibly down to earth woman with a fantastic heart. We may not be the best conversationalists, but we can share a space with an openness and acceptance that does not need explanation. To me that's not something to take for granted. I enjoy our voice chats whenever they happen too. You're a dish. <3
    -- Demilicious

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