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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Mercyinreach

    Deirdre & I haven't always had the best of relationship, but with time, healing and a willingness to forgive, I get to learn the real her. I am grateful that she has permitted that. She is a woman who has good intentions at heart. Besides this, she is a wonderful writer. Able to write characters bursting with emotions, it's difficult not to get a bit carried away with excitement. While our RP has come to an end, I do hope that with learning each other more over time that we can start another. <3
    -- Demilicious
  • DovakiinDemon56

    I just finished a roleplay with him, and it was amazing! If you do want short yet sweet roleplays, you should hit him up! Other than that, he's really pleasant to talk to OOC, and I'll probably never forget our roleplay! <3
    -- ALTY_Heave
  • cirene

    I haven't been roleplaying with Cirene for very long. But, our rp is going amazing. I love her style, and I love the way she lays put her words. Cirene is so easy to talk to, and I love the little conversations we have outside of the role play. If you want to do an AMAZING role play, but also be able to talk to someone, I HIGHLY encourage you to role play with Cirene.
    -- Skittles14
  • Rook

    Rook was one of the first people I met after joining the Sci-Fi RP community on Furcadia, and she has remained a close friend ever since. She is an extremely patient RP partner, and never gets huffy when I take days (see also: weeks) to respond to a scene. She is very imaginative, and her characters are never lacking depth. You won't regret asking her to RP! I feel so fortunate to know Rook, and have her in my social circle.
    -- miarup
  • emroidz

    Em is an absolute joy to be around, and a roleplay genius. She has a knack for creating captivating characters and weaving complex storylines that will leave you wanting more. Her RP also has a very distinct style that incorporates subtle, clever humor, and flows effortlessly. There's never a dull moment when RPing with Em, and I cannot recommend her enough as both a RP partner and friend. I am so thankful to know her, and create storylines together!
    -- miarup
  • Dunedain-Ranger

    This guy is AMAZING. The details and effort he puts into his posts are nothing I've ever experienced with anyone else. He's so incredibly kind OOC as well. Highly recommend to roleplay with and even just to chat with.
    -- cirene
  • cirene

    Cirene and I just recently started an RP and were only a couple posts in to it but I can tell cirene is one of those writers I can mesh with as we create a story together! If you get a chance to write RP with her, you will be blessed by her articulate writing that brings alive the scenes
    -- Dunedain-Ranger
  • Autumn_Vale

    I met Autumn the other day with a casual reply to her Request for RP thread, and we quickly outlined a story and got right into writing. She writes beautifully articulate posts in-character, and is a really cool person to talk with OOC. My world is a lot brighter since meeting and RP'ng with Autumn. I highly recommend you take her up on one of her proposed RP stories!
    -- Dunedain-Ranger
  • Strawberry727

    Why does Strawberry not have kudos yet? This is a travesty I must rectify! I have been roleplaying with the character Hadley for a bit now. I can tell you that Strawberry makes their characters very real with personalities, quirks and backstories that are revealed slowly over time. The interactions are fun and very natural. It has been a true delight!
    -- Mipps
  • Penumbra

    While I've given kudos before, I thought I would again. I've actually stopped role-playing and do not come on here often. But it should be said that there are few writers with such imagination and skill in the execution of a character that it still makes you think on their characters long after you've stopped playing. The characters are perfection. Mysterious, horrifying, lovable. And the player is kind hearted, forgiving, funny. I'm lucky to have spent my RP days with them, and you'd be too.
    -- Paich

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