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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • SilverSlayer21

    I'm surprised I haven't given this guy any kudos by now XD

    Anyways, this guy is great and such a fantastic rper! He was one of my first rp partners and was very patient with me when I made quite a silly blunder. The character of his that I'm currently rping with is very interesting and I'm looking forward to delving more into the story!
    -- Gab
  • 68_dare

    Dare is one of the most friendliest, open RPers I've ever met and he always helps to make people feel really welcome where-ever he plays. He's always up for a scene, in any setting, and invites people along all the time. His characters are well-written and fun with different traits that make them all stand out on their own.
    -- Rook
  • Sabbath (played by Libertine)

    I've never had the opportunity to roleplay with Sabbath yet, but what I've heard about her through chats with her player is enough for me to love her! She has a gorgeous design, but it's her tragic life and rebirth that really make her fascinating. Like much of Libertine's characters, there's a lot of work put into who she is as a person and the storylines that made her what she is.
    -- Rook
  • JayBird

    Although I don't believe I've had the pleasure of RPing with this guy, that's not gonna stop me from giving him Kudos! I've talked with Jay plenty of times before in the smalltalk forum and I can say that he is an absolute pleasure to be around. He just has this way of making you feel welcome and cared about and I always look forward to seeing him around! Stay awesome, Jay!
    -- Gab
  • Argema (played by Penumbra)

    Argema is a very mysterious character, and I love it (and him). He has no shortage of fantastic jobs or missions that open a great deal of exciting plots for those who are close to him. He's fascinating and works so well with any character that gets into any sort of business with him, despite that he's a machine of very few words.
    -- Rook
  • Cecille Gadhavi (played by AJ_89)

    The best Doctor ever. Cecille is an amazing character, extremely well-written and seemingly just absentminded. They could be dark underneath it all, and one would never know - who doesn't love that bit of mystery? I certainly do! Even if they're a bit of an introvert, they add such a unique flavour to scenes and I enjoy when my characters get to join them for some good ol' science-y scenes.
    -- Rook
  • Theo Thackeray (played by Tardevil)

    Theo is bonkers in every conceivable way, but the most impressive thing about him (and Tar as a writer) is that even with a character like this - a space-wizard from a dead musical world, at just enough arm's-length from mortal beings to appear to work in mysterious (or simply trollish) ways - the thought that goes into him is utterly airtight. He shouldn't work. He does, and does WELL. When Theo decides to pop into a scene, madness will likely follow, and it'll be utterly brilliant!
    -- Rigby
  • KansasVenomoth

    Oh, look at that, I'm giving this guy another kudos XD

    In all seriousness, though, this guy is just amazing and I love him so much, and I'm not just saying that because he's my boyfriend :P

    He's just such a nice, funny, and just genuinely enjoyable person to be around. His creativity is amazing and I've thoroughly enjoyed the over 100 (seriously, I counted) rps we've had together even if some didn't last long and I'm looking forward to the next adventure we make together! <3
    -- Gab
  • Aveilthe

    Ave is a lovely, shining gem. Roleplaying with her fantastic characters is a blast, she's always up for something fun, be it Ara hanging out with sweet little Kaelee or much darker themes. She's a joy to brainstorm with, to create unique stories with and just generally joke around. I look forward to all the stuff we have planned, and what happens in the stories that branch off from those!
    -- Rook
  • Enfield Fleischer (played by Degu)

    I RP with both young and much older Enfield, and I love them both. What I love about this version, however, is how he reacts realistically to many scenarios. He's an adventurous fellow trying to find his place in a new world, rebellious in some respects, but still sympathetic, caring and protective of people he's grown close to. A lovely, well-fleshed out character who shows continuous growth as he goes on.
    -- Rook

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