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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • mericosine

    God, How do I even begin to describe Mericosine. They are Incredibly kind, understanding, polite and by far one of the best roleplayers I have had the pleasure of meeting on this site and even that is an understatement. If you ever have the chance to RP with this person I say go for it, treat yourself.
    -- Rose-Garden
  • MoonKunoichi

    I haven't been on the site for very long, but wow! There may be times where she's busy and can't get back to you immediately, but no one should hold that against her. MoonKunoichi is one of the best RP partners I've had the pleasure of knowing. If you ever get the chance to write something with her, NEVER let it pass by
    -- IllustriousSpectre
  • MoonKunoichi

    You will never find anyone who writes better than her. In all the years I've known and RPed with her, no one has the same kind of writing that tugs at the heart strings, or that paints such a beautiful, detailed picture. I consider myself VERY lucky to have been granted an opportunity to write with her. Moon is a very gifted writer, and she continues to impress with every post, no matter the genre
    -- Apprenticedmage
  • Arcol

    Arcol is probably one of the most best and most fun roleplayer I've probably ever known. Rarely does he do one-liners and when there isn't much to go on about, he adds something to it to give it more detail. I love how he is a Skyrim V fan like me, so I enjoy roleplaying with him. Kudos! Cheers!
    -- Cherry_Red
  • Mariette

    Creating an OC is good, but they only truly become great when they are used, and used they were. With a recent 2 year anniversary and 2354 replies as of this moment, I have none I would describe as more deserving of a kudos than this glorious, creative and just downright amazing roleplayer!
    -- Hospex
  • Demonghoul

    She is an amazing beautiful and very special person. If you don't Rp with her then you should.
    -- Bosskiller22
  • RottenXLemon

    Ok, I need to say this— THIS GUY IS AWESOME! he is so very creative and talented, and might I say, very very kind! I suggest becoming friends with him or RPing with him because you won’t regret it~!
    -- FallingSTARISH
  • Ceirsha (played anonymously)

    500 charavters isnt enough to sing the truth about Ceirsha. She’s a delight to have in any scene, and you can really tell the love and time that was spent building her. At first you’ll see and obedient slave, the one the Tether wants her to be, but spending time IC and layer by layer the true Ceirsha will come out. I highly recommend.
    -- Pastelmonsters
  • mister_pseudonymous

    This guy (or girl) Is very good at what they do. They aren't lazy with their writing and they're very good with communication which others seem to lack. (that can get frustrating)

    I suggest role playing with them if you wish to have a good story goin'.
    -- KillerKiller
  • Kruhee

    I am so fricking glad Kruhee is back in the game! She is so awesome! Not only is she kind OOC, but her characters are eccentric, each one bringing something new to the table! I have had two separate roleplays with her in the past, both of which were amazing. And I can’t wait to start again! If you can, please roleplay with Kruhee, you won’t regret it! She is patient, sweet, and funny! Love you so much!
    -- Redrose

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