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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Metalucifer (played by Moonshield)

    Metalucifer may not be everyone's favorite flavor of ice cream, but I guarantee he's the epitome of fine dining dessert don't be shy! Go one try it! He's been through the ringer and has every right to stake his claim in the world. He offers respect when he gets it, and is a dynamic character full of twists and turns. He's true to himself and no one else which is very admirable. He is something you have to experience to understand. Great character!
    -- oldmusic
  • oldmusic

    oldmusic is a beacon of light in the darkness, her playstyle makes for great and unforgettable characters. Do not pass up on a chance to talk to this lovely woman, hell even Roleplay with her I have not known her to turn down a good RP yet. I was weary at first, maybe a bit skeptical. I thought wrong, she's an absolute dear and a blast to get to roleplay with. Her characters are spot on and astounding to no end!
    -- Moonshield
  • Moonshield

    I met Moon on furcadia and I was a little wary of him at first, but boy were my terrible misconceptions OFF. Once you get to know him he's a very friendly guy always willing to keep you company OOCly and entertain you with his beautiful writing ICly. Don't let anything discourage you from role-playing with him, or hell even just talking to him! He's worth getting to know and I'm so glad he's one of my friends. He put years of work into his ability to weave storylines. He's fantastic!
    -- oldmusic
  • Asil (played by oldmusic)

    Asil is sweet and strong, and she has a lot of heart in a small seeming package. But she's fierce and loving once you really get to know her. I could simply spend hours telling you how much I enjoy Asil, so instead i'll start by saying this rift drake is hard to pass up in a RP so don't she's willing to talk to anyone and have a good time.
    -- Moonshield
  • GarnaalProductions

    This is SO long overdue, but I'm glad that I managed to find time now. Garnaal is one of the best Roleplayers I've ever met. They're good with large posts, very fun to talk with and sometimes draw some pretty nice art! I'm glad to have met with them, as they have some pretty great worldbuilding!
    -- Ember_Wolf
  • Vanderhuge

    I have just jumped into an rp with this writer, and already I'm hooked. He has a flair for description and making the role play LOOK amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that this is a quality writer, and so friendly OOC as well. Definitely check him and his characters out!
    -- BreezyDawn
  • FrootLoops

    This is like my fourth kudos but still, this person never stops amazing me. I’ve had a rough few weeks and FrootLoops has been very kind and understanding and that’s more than I could ever ask for. We recently started a second roleplay and still, I get amazing replies, even when mine aren’t as great as they could be. All I want to say is... thank you. <3
    -- tear_ps
  • DarkCrow

    Crow's OC list is more than a collection of concepts. It is a treasure trove of complex characters, each with a wealth of depth and unique personality. Every one I've written with has been entirely different from the last, while Crow's kindness, creativity, quality and patience have remained consistent. They masterfully share in contribution to a scene, never just waiting to be entertained. I'm thrilled any time I log in to their posts. Thank you for sharing your imagination with me <3
    -- Libertine
  • lemon

    I! Love! This! Citrus! Abby very quickly became one of my best friends; she's genuine and funny and has this zest ( huehue ) that reminds you just how good life can really be. We're very much alike in so many ways - an overactive Too Much gene, a love for creepy crawlies, an obsession with astrology - and she's closer to family for me than a friend. Her roleplay is a gift to this world, to boot, with elegant writing and a talent for making the most serious situations absolutely hilarious.
    -- Enasytic
  • TheLonesomeOwl

    Despite that I've barely gotten to roleplay with him, I can say with certainty that Owl is one of the good ones. A wonderful, uplifting presence who never fails to make anything interesting, a very good ear to vent to, and a steadfast ally, I'm lucky to call him a friend! On top of his array of interesting characters, the little bit of roleplay I have gotten out of him has been very enjoyable and I wish he'd see just how talented he is so that I could be treated to even more.~
    -- Enasytic

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