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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Child_of_Midgard

    I really love role playing with this guy! He adds great detail and really stays to the story! If one character has a dramatic change, he doesnt change the whole story! He sticks to everything as it was before with just slight change around the character! And he is just incredibly sweet and fun to talk to OOC as well!
    -- Ethlas
  • RenjiSama

    I've had my share of people being really mean to me on this sight or just straight up rude. But this person is one of the sweetest people I've met on here. Ranjisama and I haven't role played with each other for even a year yet and I told this person some personal things. I vented and Renjisama was so kind and gentle and caring and I really needed to feel comforte and I'm sure I've made an online friend. 😄 I feel I had to say that and Renjisama is really fun to rp with too! and good at it too!
    -- Ethlas
  • emi

    Emi and I started an RP and I have to say she is quite amazing to write with! She is a sharp young lady and has a way with working with words to paint a beautiful picture! We seem to work together quite well in writing our story, and I have to say that the character interaction between Ridly and Alex seems to flow smoothly. Always look forward to writing our tale! Emi is a bright star of RP Repository!
    -- Dunedain-Ranger
  • 'Angel' of Death (played by Winters_Fury)

    Well, for starters.. It is a reaper. Not many people can play them well enough, but this person can with no trouble. His character was well put for a description. And overall, it is great to have more fantasy OC's. ^-^

    You would love him because he is a nice guy and straight to the point. He doesn't god-mod anything and waits patiently for a response. Kudos to this guy!
    -- fearlessserenity
  • Yokubo_no_akuma

    Holy (Word I cannot say but you know what I mean ;))
    Yokubo is an excellent rp, her ability to use details of the rights things give you a vivid image in your head of what's going on, her rps are always interesting, In short she is a wonderful rp partner and I wish I met her years ago
    -- JustAGuy
  • Serket_xX

    This hermaphrodite is exceptional when it comes to pulling out characters out of her you-know-what! Her RP quality is very much above average, and would do any kind of RP (as far as I know)! She may be negative at times, but when she isin't, she's a sweetheart. Kudos, Serket_xX, for being so darn good at RP!
    -- PhantyWolf
  • PhantyWolf

    Phanty may say that he's a bit rubbish, but I strongly disagree. I've only really RPed on 3DS games, but that's where I met him, and no matter how bad he says he is, in my opinion, he's the best RPer I've met.
    -- Serket_xX
  • Abigail_Austin

    Abigail is so sweet and lovable. She's always bringing conversations to life!
    -- Dragon_Feather
  • thenormalpotato

    RPing with her is great. Love her use of words and can carry a story well. Awesome person in general and is very fun! Looking forward to continuing my RP with her uwu
    -- ahymahy
  • ahymahy

    hi yes hello, i just dropped in to say that i love love LOVE roleplaying with ahymahy!! their quick wit is what makes our conversations so interesting and they are an overall awesome person!! <3 much love to them!!
    -- thenormalpotato

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