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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Claine

    Claine is a kind, friendly, hilarious, witty, smart, creative, and generous person. Her artwork and templates are amazing. Her characters are so brilliantly thought out that I have fun reading their websites and getting to know them. She approaches everyone with kindness and friendliness, willing to help them in anyway she can - like answering questions or pointing them to someone who can answer the question. Whenever I get a chance to talk with her, it never fails to make me smile!
    -- Somnom
  • KatayokuNoTenshiVII

    Even though I haven't known Ace that long, I enjoy speaking to him outside of roleplay also, whenever I feel so depressed, he always cheers me up, and I am glad I met him since we get along so well. Please write to him; you won't regret it.
    -- MissLumina
  • Manofmanyfaces

    Excellent and patient, ManofManyFaces has been more than lenient with me and my life to writing schedule. He excels in his story and world building, and he's definitely an ideal partner in terms of patience and writing capabilities. His posts never ceases to impress, and he gives such wonderfully, well thought out ideas to explore.
    Through and through, he's proven himself to be quite the adequate partner.
    -- Sculpture
  • Romulus (played by pockets)

    Romulus is a cool character: the end. JK: he's so much more. He is played with complexity and humour. The writing behind him is engaging and for such a chill and compassionate character he’s extremely interesting to read about. Rom makes an instant impact in any scene he’s in (without being a drama llama) and is very compelling. I’m looking forward to getting to know the character more!
    -- Noxious
  • Sculpture

    Ms. Sculpture is more than an enjoyable creator, flexible quick on her literary feet, and personally very agreeable and pleasant.

    Her ambition for wide scale work is admirable, and her aesthetic is charming and her character line up as far as I have seen has been equally so, and is definitely on my line up of most enjoyed writers in this site.
    -- Manofmanyfaces
  • fable

    Fable is a delight. Alongside City, I'm so blessed to have supportive friends like Fable who I feel a kindred spirit to. In many ways I find our perspectives and opinions lining so effortlessly, we see the world and see people very similarly, always wanting the best and always handling first with forgiveness. It's so validating and wonderful to have someone like Fable in my life and it's been a treat to character and world build with her again. She's talented, creative, and I'm fawned of her. ❤
    -- Marius
  • Bambi (played by MercyInReach)

    Bambi is quite the performer at the club! The depth of character comes through just in reading Bambi's page! When one of my characters go to a strip club, it's Bambi they go to see! An excellent creation by Mercy! If you're in an RP with Bambi, you are most fortunate!
    -- Shadow-Ranger
  • ShadesOfBlue

    Shades of Blue is quite a good, articulate writer, and is nice to talk OOC with. Her RP posts are well-structured and flows nicely, leaving a lot to work with for replies! The RP with Shades of Blue is one that brings a smile to my face when I see a new reply! If you get a chance to write with Blue, you will be glad you did!
    -- Shadow-Ranger
  • Dragon_Slayer

    Dragon has been a pleasure to write with so far. Patient, friendly and prolific. Dragon is not afraid to help drive the RP and having a true co-author keeps things fresh. His posts are descriptive and his characters dialogue sparkles. He has also been very tolerant of my manic work schedule and on top of it all is an awesome human being. 10/10.
    -- Beetroot
  • Necrophagy

    This girl right here is AMAZING, someone I've had the pleasure of knowing for years. She's seen me through a lot of tough times, and never failed to put a smile on my face. Her creativity knows no bounds - she's my favorite artist and I'll never get tired of reading anything she writes. And her characters? Don't even get me started! Ranging from eerie and unsettling to attractive and admirable, she always leaves me wanting to know more about them.
    -- Mew

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