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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Dreven (played anonymously)

    Don't let the pretty face fool you! He's a devilish boy with a hellacious sense of humor and a broken moral compass. He'd be endearing if he wasn't so naughty, but honestly, that's what I love most about him. He pushes boundaries, and his player weaves an engaging narrative that has you waiting for each post with ravenous hunger. He's the villain you love to hate.
    -- Auberon
  • Enasytic

    It's a well-known fact that City is a shy bean, which only makes me all the more grateful that we seemed to click so effortlessly. City is one of those people with all the qualities you want in a friend; she is kind, loyal, formidable and genuine. If she decides to take you under her wing you are absolutely blessed, she will go out of her way to make sure you feel supported. She's someone I'm happy to have in my corner: the shared love of creepy-crawlies and excellent RP are just great bonuses!
    -- lemon
  • Demythical

    Demy is that special mind of role player. Someone you really have to get a story going with. She is amazing and works with you to keep the story fresh and amazing. Honestly I want to keep roleplaying with this gal for awhile. She is well worth the time y’all.
    -- Lanx12
  • Queen

    I've known Rena for a few years as more of an acquaintance than anything else but in the last few months she's very quickly become one of my most treasured friends my wife. We ramble on and on about bullshit together, I always know I can come to her when I'm not feeling my best and good god does she has some of the best, most well developed characters around. ALERT! ALERT! BEST WIFE IN QUADRANT MY HEART.
    -- Majigirl
  • Icysoul

    This person is lovely to rp with! Funny, quick, and a great storyteller! Great response time as well!😀
    -- Disneyfan23
  • MestStrauss

    This person is amazing!!!! Witty, sweet, and a wonderful storyteller! A lovely person to rp with!
    -- Disneyfan23
  • Disneyfan23

    DIsneyfan 23 is a great person to RP with. She makes it a lot of fun and is very creative.
    -- MestStrauss
  • Desisyes

    I've known her for the better part of over 10 years or so. It is enjoyable to rp with her and how her character's react and behave. Each character is little different from one another which I quite like. We mostly roleplayed feral which means we both like the same niche. Her posts are amazing and for her I wanted to improve my post qualities. I'm amazed that even still she manages to surprise me pleasantly. I love roleplaying with her. I hope to catch her more often!
    -- Speedeh
  • Searcher (played anonymously)

    Really well thought out responses. I found myself really waiting for a response! This person is really kind and puts real thought into their reply. I would really suggest rping with them ^^ I enjoyed it!
    -- Kotomi657
  • Winters_Fury

    I recently have been working with Winter. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but I am glad that I've met them. They've taken the time to feel out my characters and try out the world I provide them from. They've kept our OOC chat filled with conversations and idea sharing. IC is never boring and I look forward to continue working with them in the future. Their characters are so different and all works of art!
    -- Veezly

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