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  • Office Hours Today and Tomorrow!

    It's almost time for this month's office hours! If you want to track me down and speak with me in real time about any RPR-related questions, concerns, ideas, or whatever else, you'll be guaranteed some "face time" today and tomorrow!

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  • Backer Rewards

    Two new backer rewards, sneak previews of some of the backer rewards designs, and instructions for how to view your own backer reward total.

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  • August's Office Hours

    Hey all! I'm going to host some office hours this Friday and Saturday. You can ask me any questions about the RPR there, but we'll mostly be focusing on discussing 2.0. :)

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  • Sneak Peak at New Features #2

    Today, we're looking at improvements to the Looking For RP forums and the Find RP system. There are oodles. These are just some.

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  • Sneak Peak at New Features #1

    As I've been busily rebuilding every part of the site from scratch, I've also been making some changes and improvements on what we currently have. Here is a tiny sampling of what Operation Audacious Phoenix has already improved!

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  • Bake Sale Goal #1: Shattered

    4 days into the bake sale, and we blew past our $5k goal!!!! The final contribution that pushed us over the top was a phoenix someone bought for me. Oh, my heart!

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  • Audacious Phoenix Bake Sale Begins

    The Audacious Phoenix bake sale has begun! This is a fundraiser to support the rebuild and modernization of the RPR

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