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  • A rose as black as your heart

    If you prefer to reflect on how absurd it is that we celebrate the beheading of St. Valentine by giving each other sappy cards and candies, then the black rose may be for you.

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  • Happy candy heart day, RPR!

    Last day for white roses and boxes of chocolate!

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  • Innocent love and white roses

    Ultra rare white roses on sale this week only!

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  • Meet Cute Challenge, 2019

    This week, the RPR challenges you to arrange a "meet cute" scene between two characters that have never met one another before. The results don't have to be romantic, but they do have to be funny, dramatic or so off-the-wall that it's the kind of thing people will talk about for years to come.

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  • More about RPR 2.0

    Over the last few weeks, I've been deep in a code hole, running experiments to see how well the RPR might take to being converted into a more modern codebase and framework.

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  • Deciding to do the impossible

    The things you want most, the bugs that still linger, the ideas that I have that I barely dare dream of... It's time. We need it. The RPR needs to be rebuilt on a more modern codebase.

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  • What would you like the RPR to get in 2019?

    Normally on January 1st I'd post a list of my goals for the RPR in the upcoming year. And even though I have plenty of ideas for things to do and ways to get more done, I thought this year, I'll mix it up --

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