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  • Time For A Team

    Want to help out the RP Repository? Become a panelist or a moderator! I'm looking for one or two volunteers to lend me a hand in monitoring the site.

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  • Notifications Suddenly Suck Less x2

    For the second time in about 7 months, notifications have been completely rewritten from the ground up. This is indicative of the phenomenal growth the site has experienced in that time, both in its user base and in its functionality. We simply outgrew the old notification system many times faster...

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  • The RPR Goes On A Diet

    Recently I've gone on an aggressive campaign to reduce site bloat and generally increase the loading speed of all the pages. And it seems to be working. According to the most recent batch of tests, uncached pages should load on average 20 seconds faster for people on 56K modems. Not too shabby. I'm...

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  • Pixelated Bling

    There were a few minor changes made to the way the site looks today. Plus, there's new pixel bling.

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  • Keep That Lovin' Feeling

    Recently we've seen some of our members smarting from bad experiences on other RP sites, but we've also heard a lot of wonderful and encouraging things about the community here at the RPR. What policies or programs can we put in place to continue to promote and protect a really positive community?

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  • Forums Wounded By Friendly Fire

    My bad! I've been on a tear to try and get Groups to the point of release, and in the mad stampede to get forums hooked up for groups, the regular forums got knocked over and didn't get back up again. They've since been righted, dusted off and apologized to profusely, and now I'd like to offer all...

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  • Development Log

    As part of the ongoing effort to keep communication wide open with members of our community, my development log has been digitized.

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