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  • Flexible Stats Have Landed, With Friends!

    For all of you who have been waiting and hoping for a widget that allows you to make character sheets containing alternative (or downright obscure) stats, this one's for you. Plus, new templates and new features.

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  • How Do YOU Want Notifications To Work?

    What would be interesting enough to you to want to get a notification about? How much detail are you really interested in? Which details are the interesting ones?

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  • Friend Other Players, Not Just Characters

    You've been asking, I've been working, and now it's finally here; As of today, you can befriend other players directly. To get started, go to a player profile and choose "Befriend".

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  • Raffle Winners

    Most of you know that we've been holding raffles for various game communities to try and get them interested in joining our community. Names were pulled tonight, so let's all congratulate the winners!

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  • Planned Maintenance

    Between 1 and 2 a.m. PST on June 7th some maintenance will be done. Please take care when using the site, as the connection may be temporarily unreliable.

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  • New Template Colors, New BBcode, Small Growing Pains

    BBCode no longer a piece of junk! Citizens rejoice with new templates!

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  • BBcode on the Fritz Again

    The patch that fixed the image parsing problem created some entirely new problems. No need to adjust your bbcode, it will resume working as soon as we've patched our patch.

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