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  • Epic Day 4: Robot Overlords Support The Arts

    New! Full size galleries and sci-fi templates

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  • Epic Day 3: Jane McGonigal teaches us about Epic Wins

    "An outcome so overwhelmingly positive, you didn't even know it was possible until you were on the brink of achieving it."

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  • Epic Day 2: Let there be dice

    Now whenever you are chatting on the forums, you can take advantage of an automated dice roll. Plus: An art contest, and two more templates

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  • Epic Celebration: Day 1

    Contests, templates, and features galore! There will be something new on the RP Repository every day for the next seven days. There is SO much to celebrate. The RPR now has over 1500 members, we've recently left beta, Epic Accounts have been released and Groups are currently being implemente

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  • New Moderators

    We had a lot of applications for the moderator positions, and it was very hard deciding. Thank you to everyone who applied! There were a lot of strong contenders, and I still have my eye on many of you for the future. But five stood out...

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  • Time For A Team

    Want to help out the RP Repository? Become a panelist or a moderator! I'm looking for one or two volunteers to lend me a hand in monitoring the site.

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  • Notifications Suddenly Suck Less x2

    For the second time in about 7 months, notifications have been completely rewritten from the ground up. This is indicative of the phenomenal growth the site has experienced in that time, both in its user base and in its functionality. We simply outgrew the old notification system many times faster...

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