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  • Forums!

    Holy mackerel! We have forums! Glorious, glorious forums.

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  • Lost Characters Reunited With Their Players and Gallery Widgets Reorderable

    The mystery of the vanishing pages has been solved. It was precisely what we didn't expect it to be.

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  • What Are Accolades?

    I really wanted to find a way to highlight how great the community is and demonstrate my sincere appreciation for your contributions. That's why accolades were included in the recent redesign of the notifications system. Here's what they are and how they work.

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  • Notifications Suddenly Suck Less

    Notifications are now smarter, more robust, and more useful.

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  • This Just In: Your Characters Are Awesome

    It's come to our attention that your characters are stupendous, fascinating and creative, and that more people ought to know about how great they are.

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  • Time Out Bug No More

    I'm almost afraid to say it for fear of jinxing it, but for the last two weeks every test of our time-out fixes has come back looking good. There should now be no more problems with the server severing connections early when it notices an uptick in traffic. You should now stay logged in until at...

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  • Flexible Stats Have Landed, With Friends!

    For all of you who have been waiting and hoping for a widget that allows you to make character sheets containing alternative (or downright obscure) stats, this one's for you. Plus, new templates and new features.

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