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Event & Nerdiday News

  • Doubutts are better than one

    I've got a special treat for you today... Winning caption contest entries, done in meme style! Congratulations to our prize winners! As ever, you guys made it exceptionally difficult to judge this contest. So much so that I included a few honorable mentions to keep the laughs coming!

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  • A roleplay by any other name

    Winners of the sonnet contest have been announced! In this contest, entrants were asked to choose a genre of RP such as fantasy or scifi, and write a sonnet (a poem with extra-strict rhyming rules) that embodied the spirit of that genre.

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    The final portal has been sealed! What an incredible event! Thank you SO much to everyone who participated! This really is my favorite time of year, and it's because of all of you.

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  • Epic Week Day 7: Victory is within our grasp!

    After a harrowing 47 hour battle, the Many Headed Cyborg Dragon fell before our brave warriors! Four seals were unlocked within the space of about 15 minutes, but 6 remain, and some are stumpers. Can you help?

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  • Epic week Day 6: Wall of Dragon Flesh

    Our portal team has located nearly all of the guardians for the final portal, and unlocked many (but not all!) of their clues. But there's still this little matter of a dragon standing in our way before they can test them!

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  • Epic Week Day 5: How to jump in

    For those of you who arrived a bit late and are now confused, today's post recaps everything the players have learned about the various Epic Week quests and how to play them like a pro.

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  • Epic week day 4!

    Roughly half way through Epic week, and the riddle team has closed the fantasy portal and whittled the scifi portal down to only four remaining seals!

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