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Last Chance at the Bake Sale

Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder: The bake sale ends in just a few days, at midnight on September 19th.

Make sure your item collections are completed, and check your Backer Rewards to see if you're only a few dollars shy of that next reward! I don't want anyone missing out on those gorgeous Audacious Phoenix totebags who wants one :) This will be your last chance to contribute to our rebuild fund.

Community Feedback

  • GrandFinale

    September 18th 2019


    Agh, and I'm broke until the very second after it ends! Literally, too. Meant to get a second donation in but never got around to it...
  • FreeJayFly

    September 18th 2019


    Okay, awesome! :D I'll have time to actually get something last second!
  • PossitivelyNoOne

    September 18th 2019


    I’m so sad that I’m broke, I would help out cause I love this place so much. Thanks for building this site and taking the time to do a new one Kim.
  • LakotaSiouxWarrior

    September 18th 2019


    I splurged one last time ☺❤
  • Kim

    September 18th 2019


    @FreeJayFly When it goes from the 19th to the 20th :)

    @Lightside I am planning a bug bounty hunt after beta, to clean up any remaining issues ASAP. There will be a special accolade offered as bounties for that hunt ;)
  • FreeJayFly

    September 18th 2019


    When you say 'midnight on September 19th', do you mean as soon as it's September 19th, or when it actually officially goes from the 19th to the 20th RPR time?
  • Lucretire

    September 17th 2019


    I also got everything! ...Except the ice cream sundae, because life said $40 has to go elsewhere more important. Shame I had to miss out on having it in my display case, but I'm glad I got to toss the rest of my allowance at RPR like I promised I would!

    I wonder: do you have anything special planned for the official launch of RPR 2.0? Like a commemorative accolade or item we can display?
  • Unicorn

    September 17th 2019


    dont mind me as i snatch a rainbow burb and some macaroons!
  • Tusitala2017

    September 17th 2019


    Wish it lasted till end of the month!
    I get double pay then and could use some more bacons
  • ShadowWeaver

    September 17th 2019


    I'll have to do some international fund shifting and get a few more things....

    Doing Awesome! We should be well into $13K when it's done!
  • Mintelle

    September 17th 2019



    I've finally been able to get the last little items I've wanted to purchase for ages now! I've really enjoyed this bake sale, and hats off to everyone who has helped us get this far! It's amazing how much has been raised to help this site!
  • LakotaSiouxWarrior

    September 17th 2019


    Thanks for the bake sale it was fun.
  • Somnom

    September 17th 2019


    WOOOO!!! :D Home stretch!!
  • StaticNightmares

    September 17th 2019



    I managed to beg and beg and beg my mom into getting me a phoenix and then I managed to turn it RaInBoW!

    And this also means I get a mission patch which is what I desperately wanted-

    *happy noises*

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