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TinyCentaur's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with TinyCentaur.

  • TinyCentaur

    Tiny here's great, with adorable artwork galore and her own world that's right up my alley, and to be sure I've been trying to enact an apocalypse in it over Discord /SHOT Do yourself a favor and strike up something with her before I potentially reduce it all to fictional rubble!
    -- GrandFinale
  • TinyCentaur

    I don't know Tiny very well personally but she's always a fantastic, friendly face in the chat. I'm a huge fan of her cute, soft art style and adorable fantasy characters. She bucks the trend of darkness and seriousness you often see in the genre, with a diverse, and richly written cast of characters.
    -- Claine
  • TinyCentaur

    Tiny is a smol cinnamon roll

    She makes wonderful art, have a wide array of lovely characters, and is such a pleasure talking with! She's super friendly, kind and approachable, don't miss out on an opportunity to talk with her.
    -- Spook
  • TinyCentaur

    I don't give Lou nearly enough kindness, nor nearly the amount of praise they deserve. As far work goes, Lou is impressive and keep pace very well. Characters are always well thought out and played well even in alternate universe settings.

    But beyond that, I've known Tiny for... A while. And RPing with them is beyond a joy. I'm very glad to be able to call Tiny my friend, and I look forwards to RPing with them again, despite my recent lapse in presence.
    -- PerryInc
  • TinyCentaur

    There are no words to use how baffled and taken aback I was when I saw that Tiny had disappeared from RPR a while back. It was just so abrupt that I didn't have a proper response to it all. Seeing her back with her characters, her cheerful attitude, and her cute art style was so pleasantly surprising when I was browsing the community tab and noticed 'hey, something looks familiar'. I am so happy to see Tiny back on RPR -- she's one of the faces that makes this online home feel homelier to me.
    -- FreeJayFly
  • TinyCentaur

    First things first, Centaurs are pretty rad.

    When Tiny had left the RPR, I was kinda heartbroken. She's a wonderful, lively person that brightens days beyond days whenever she's involved. Personally, Tiny here has inspired me so much as a person, writer and artist.
    -- SINDragon
  • TinyCentaur

    I'm SO glad Tiny is back in our lives! She's adorable and has some of the cutest art around RPR for sure. I only know her as a friendly and incredibly kind person who's sensitive and considerate of others at all times, but I honestly couldn't ask for anything more than that.
    -- Sanne