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Lady-Angiris's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with Lady-Angiris.

  • Lady-Angiris

    Lady-Angiris is hilarious. They always keep me on my toes and is willing to collaborate with me when it comes to plot and events. Our RP is both whimsical and serious, depending on what route is taken. I'm quite entertained and I just love it so much. So if you have a chance, roleplay!
    -- PenguinColada
  • Lady-Angiris

    I don't even know where to start with her. honestly I must say that she has brought upon a spark in me that inspires and motivates me to post with quality and with excitement. Not taking anything away from others I RP with. She brings back a nostalgia of crossover world building which allows me to explore more with her RP wise.

    Wonderful to talk to, amazing to RP with, she brings the best out of you and honestly worth your time if you ever wanted to get acquainted with her. *slight bow* :3
    -- KingTai
  • Lady-Angiris

    I have had and am having an amazing time role-playing with Rose-Garden. She has done an amazing job so far and I am so thankful to have her as a role-play partner of mine. Every detail in which she puts into the profiles of her characters and in her posts is amazing to me... I would definitely role-play with her if given the chance and I can not thank her enough for being willing to role-play with me :)
    -- AmongstTheStars
  • Lady-Angiris

    This person, right here. Is a great Rp'er. She has many great stories in her head, like creating a grand and long story with a poweful lore and gods alike. During times where you come to ''Whats next?'' She is amazing to plan your next step with you, she very good to work with. And is a very nice person.
    -- Count_Krokkorok
  • Lady-Angiris

    Rose is a good friend of mine. Shes really passionate about her roleplays and can go with the flow pretty easily. Check her out shes an all around amazing person.
    -- BigBadW0llf
  • Lady-Angiris

    This wonderful being of a person is so nice and funny and I just love talking to them. I cannot express in words the joy our roleplays bring to me because there is always a little weird element that makes me think. She's just too creative and she puts a lot of effort into her response and her characters. 10000/10 show them love!!~
    -- ShadowWolfe
  • Lady-Angiris

    Rose is a fantastic writer. I feel like I'm watching a MARVEL movie when I'm reading her posts. She is graphic and realistic with her descriptions, highly detailed and lets her imagination run wild without losing credibility. Each action she makes in the story is sensible and makes the story flow well. Kudos! =)
    -- danmanmun
  • Lady-Angiris

    This lady is fun! She loves very actiony scenes, and I kinda live for those myself. There's just this kind of intensity to her characters that I've grown to enjoy over our games together, and she's a solid writer besides! Check her out if you get the chance. She's fun!
    -- ConnanBell
  • Lady-Angiris

    Amazing writer. Intricate and interesting characters. Amazing attention to detail and posts that will keep you excited for the next one to pop up in your notifications.
    -- Lord_Cross