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Drayle88's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with Drayle88.

  • Mana (played by Drayle88)

    Made completely of Mana?! That's freaking AWESOME :D
    -- Jetticus
  • Drayle88

    Drayle always has some cool video games news and is knowledgeable beyond the expected gamer! He's awesome... now he needs chicken!
    -- Jetticus
  • Drayle88

    Returning kudos given to me, Drayle88 is an awesome person, and fun to rp with! We had a confusing start but now that everything is straightened out, I couldn't be more happier! I never know what sort of shenanigans our characters will get into next XD
    -- Jello_Monsta
  • Drayle88

    I wanted to thank you for kudos and thought it to be appropriate to send one your way in return. The reason would be for your outstanding and relentlessness at trying new things with others. It isn't always easy. And that my dear friend is why you deserve this kudos from I.
    -- Sherlock
  • Drayle88

    Although quite new, he has jumped right in to the thick of things. He totally "gets" the vibe on the site, is super positive, enthusiastic about trying RPs with new people, goofy, and great at helping us to carry on our OOC theater of the absurd. I'm so glad he's joined the site and is playing with us! You're awesome, Drayle. :D
    -- Kim
  • Drayle88

    Tenacious about getting into the community and starting a game :P His character is interesting and already fun to play with.
    -- f0x1nth3b0x