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iolhantheX's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with iolhantheX.

  • iolhantheX

    Such a sweetie!! <3 They are a great friend and very kind to everyone. :) You can always rely on them and trust them, because they are a true friend and overall great person! <3
    -- FallingSTARISH
  • iolhantheX

    Io is one of friendliest person I've met so far in RPR. she's wondrous buddy a bit of goof ball, I've to rp with her yet but I hope in new year I will do it, anyway check her out and last but not least MERRY CHRISTMAS IO <3
    -- RimCaster
  • iolhantheX

    Io is one of the sweetest people I have met here and you're going to just love that about her. We haven't yet started an rp together but she is well written in all of our conversations, thoughtful, and caring and I wouldn't trade my friendship with her for all the tea in China.
    -- Voldarian_Empire
  • iolhantheX

    WHY have I not done a 1x1 with you yet?! Io is incredibly friendly, and I could honestly find ourselves talking forever if time allowed us to. From what I've seen, she has experience in RPing, and her characters are so interesting (with Xenith being one of my favorites, I'll take him, thank you). You just want to learn more about them. I always love the mystery factor.

    Can't wait to talk more in the future, and you most definitely have my recommendation to everyone else in the community!
    -- koobler
  • iolhantheX

    Io is just too much of a wholesome blessing into RPR. She's a little glass bottle of kindness, sugar and vicious talent. Never I thought I would be so thrilled by the writing of somebody so amiable would make me say "Oh my goodness!" so loud each time I've read her posts. She's a great friend to have around and I can't help but chuckle whenever she's at the chat piping me for my next post~ Io must be protecc'd, seen to be grown healthy and be told about every of your RPR friends and neighbors.
    -- Churchtuary
  • iolhantheX

    Io is funny and kind, and great for casual chats. But she's also easy to work with when planning an plottin things; I hope we'll make stories unfold together in the near future!
    -- Spook
  • iolhantheX

    I have to say that I am very happy to have met Io. She is such a kind person, and truly a delight to talk to. I always enjoy seeing her around the official chat, and I am super excited to have started up an RP with her. She is truly a beautiful person and a privilege to know!
    -- Gat
  • iolhantheX

    Very much by chance Io and I seemed to form a friendship, and I don't regret it for a single second. Sweet, caring, talented, and artistic, we haven't RPed together but I can see boundless potential upon the horizon, should we ever get the chance.
    -- JayBird
  • iolhantheX

    Well what can I say about iolhanthex? A lot. A great person who truly knows how to rp. I am honored to say in our short time we’ve been able to make a rp that is fresh and interesting. To you my friend thank you! If you haven’t rped with this person I highly suggest you give them a try. (Btw be warned of auto corrects on phones..)
    -- Lanx12
  • iolhantheX

    Incredible role player all around, they have great personality, amazing attention to detail, and are constantly coming up with ideas to make RPs fun and interesting. 10/10 Highly would recommend!
    -- TheRealBubba