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MadRatBird's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with MadRatBird.

  • MadRatBird

    I've known MRB for years. In fact, they did my first piece of commissioned artwork, that was gifted to me by another friend. I never rped with them until recently, however, I have never had an unpleasant experience. They have always been one of the kindest people I've met through RP. Now that we are rping, I hope we continue to build stories for a long time yet!
    -- Vicious
  • MadRatBird

    A friendly and wonderful artist, MRB has always been someone that I've enjoyed my time chatting with. I remember commissioning them for the first time and I still love the art they did of my Vale. Recently, MRB did art courtesy of Novalyyn, for my fiancé, and it was super awesome to coordinate all of that and knowing that my fiancé was really happy with what MRB did with his character. ♡
    -- FreeJayFly
  • MadRatBird

    I remember when Toby was only a baby artist still figuring out art and life. He's grown so much, it feels like I watched him spin a silky cocoon around himself and emerge as the most fabulous butterfly years later. His art is incredible and his fight for what's right makes me admire him deeply. Thank you for being you.
    -- Sanne
  • MadRatBird

    Madrat is an eclectic, awesome, fabulous person! Madrat is fun, quirky, and incredibly skilled at both RP and art! Always a pleasure to talk to, you can't pass up a chance to be friends with Madrat!!
    -- CelestinaGrey
  • MadRatBird

    T. An amazing specimen, through and through. He oozes creativity and brims with talent from art to role-play, and everything in between. I've always been an admirer of Toby's talents, RP, and that beautiful mind. Spend any sort of time with this spectacular person and you'll wonder why you hadn't met him sooner. Stay true. <3
    -- corivana
  • MadRatBird

    While my experience has always been a fantastic artist, I am now delighted to be able to call him a fantastic friend and writer. Toby is Hella honest, Hella funny, and isn't afraid to let you know exactly what he wants out of roleplay. That ability to communicate makes him both a great roleplayer and an absolutely fantastic artist to commission. I've had a great time beginning to get to know his characters so far, can't wait to see where things go from here!
    -- Tardevil
  • MadRatBird

    Man what can't I say about Tobes? There art is stellar, a addiction I love to delve into. But wait, there's more. They have the cutest characters that vary in their own unique ways from goofy to something a touch darker, to just freaking adorkable. I love their flow with words as well, always enjoying when we can toss lines back and forth.
    -- Merenrave
  • MadRatBird

    Toby is the most precious person I have ever met. I am fortunate to be friends with such a talented person. Very easy to talk to and willing to lend an ear when able. Couldn't ask for a better friend.
    -- Tiufel
  • MadRatBird

    MadRatBird was one of the first people I started talking to after coming back to roleplay, and they were great about being patient with me and answering my sometimes clueless questions. Every time I see them on my Pounce list on Furc I do a little happy dance and look forward to possible rp with them, whether it's conflict, humor or just a casual scene it's going to be a good experience.
    -- JustaBitEvil
  • MadRatBird

    MRB is among the best, so give him all of the kudos. He's like, the best artist in the world, hands down, there isn't a flaw in ANY of his works ever. He's always very friendly to me, and his CHARACTERS. They're so... 3-dimensional. So intricately written and adorable but also very realistic and believable. <3 this guy.
    -- Verainne

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