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Miss's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with Miss.

  • Miss

    I have been nothing but impressed with Miss. They are very detailed in their writing and I always look forward to their posts. I love their Character Finley as he's quite charming. Thank you for being patient with me, I greatly appreciate it!
    -- InquisitorCat
  • Miss

    I am so happy to finally be writing with this lovely lady!!! Her story telling and developing is so much fun. Her character Finley is something special. I love that he fits well in to the Elder Scrolls universe and the dynamic that has been created to where he fits in the story we've created is absolutely amazing. I am so thrilled to finally be writing with Miss, and I find her ability to conduct the story with me to be something of a real treat. I cannot wait to see where this story goes!
    -- Hadeslicious
  • Miss

    Miss is a thoughtful and imaginative writer who has left me smiling after each post. She doesn’t just bring her characters to life, but creates a vivid and palpable world, adding that much more depth and flavor to even the most absurd of plots. Although I do not know her well, she is patient and sincere out of character, and I deeply appreciate her kind-hearted maturity. My experiences with her thus far have been some of the most enjoyable on this site.
    -- Soliloquy
  • Miss

    Its been quite some time since i've rped with Miss, but i know how darn good she is. She us great at responding to any situation her characters are in, and at including anyone and everyone in an rp. I hope everyone can find her just as fun as i do.
    -- linktheriolu
  • Miss

    An author who puts a lot of thought into her scenes, well done!
    -- CindarellaPop
  • Miss

    Literate, eloquent and fun are probably the best terms to describe Miss and the multiple roleplays I've had with her so far. She has a ton of ideas and imagination I can only hope to achieve myself one day! Not to mention she has a vast knowledge of P&P games that I couldn't even begin to comprehend for the life of me. She's a smart woman, that Miss of ours.

    Outside of RP she's a swell lass to talk to as well and makes you feel welcome at all times! You've earned your kudos for sure, my friend!
    -- Pirate
  • Miss

    Miss replied to my forum post for free arts and was so nice about the art I gave her - it made me feel all warm and fuzzy
    -- TheLily