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DontBeTrippin's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with DontBeTrippin.

  • DontBeTrippin

    DontBeTrippin is honestly the sweetest guy you'll ever meet! A great RPer, too! He knows how to put just the right amount of adventure and romance in an RP that makes me anxious for the next response. He's incredibly detailed with his posts and gives it his all to make the story move forward. He also loves lasagna, which is a great plus for a lasagna-lover myself :P He's also an awesome friend to talk to whenever you're feeling down. Keep doing what you're doing, Fro :)
    -- Xion
  • DontBeTrippin

    It's been pretty interesting RPing with this man, and still is. Very good at blending in with the RP and keeping you on your toes. Great characters work with a great mind.
    -- Inigatima
  • DontBeTrippin

    To truly tell you how amazing this guy is, I'd need a book. Not only did he become one of my best friends in a short periode of time but he is also an amazing rper. His characters are so well written down that its only a matter of time before you fall for their charms and awesomeness and thats probably because he, himself is very charming and awesome. If you've had the chance to witness his amazing humor, rp skills and friendship then you are the luckiest personen in the world. Thanks Suf <3
    -- Victoriantruth
  • DontBeTrippin

    This sexy man is one of the coolest people I know. And it is ALL his fault that I now have a group of crazy awesome friends from all around the world. If you need someone to cheer you up, you'd better believe DBT will do it. He always has great ideas for RP and is always able to surprise me when he introduces a twist that I never would've expected.
    -- lyingsmile15
  • DontBeTrippin

    XD Sadly not to many words can describe this guy. He's simply epic to roleplay with (and talk to outside of RP). He never fails to make me eager for each reply. His responses are long so I have plently of words to work with almost always, alongside with them being so realistic. Like you can just imagine whats going on in the RP perfectly. :3 Kudos my friend! -R
    -- Rhythm
  • DontBeTrippin

    I absolutely adore DontBeTrippin! I get so happy each response I get and I fell in love with Sam! I can't wait to continue rping with this cutie! Keep on carrying on my friend! X3
    -- Chibidoitsu98
  • DontBeTrippin

    CAUTION: He bites. Lol jk!

    Very interesting roleplayer who can keep an RP burning and is the whole package! Uses his characters perfectly and interacts with others greatly. I'd RP with him any day!

    Also, very flirtatious. Like I said before.. he bites. In a good way! ☆ミ ☆彡
    -- PANGAEA
  • DontBeTrippin

    Awesome, is the only way to explane how cool this guy is! not only is he a good writer, but just all around a very nice person.
    -- Sweetyceltic
  • DontBeTrippin

    An awesome dude right here, roleplaying with his has been completely outstanding and very fun. He always throw in new plot twists and completely conforms to the characters he picks. He play to how the character exactly would act like in each scenario. Dont miss a change to rp with this one.
    -- fallensiner
  • DontBeTrippin

    DontBeTrippin is an amazing rper! I cant get enough of rping with him! I never get bored and he is amazing when it comes to being in his characters shoes! Each character is different and unique in their own way. You would be missing out if you didnt rp with him. If you want to but havent then you need to! Go for it! He is friendly and awesome!
    -- StillDoll

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