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Dylan's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with Dylan.

  • Dylan

    I wrote a Kudos not too long ago illustrating perfectly my adoration for this woman and her wonderful way with words. Roleplaying is fun, the player is even more so and people who find her engaging often return for more!! Organized, functional and the head of Furcadia's TGT, Dylan never ceases to amaze me, both as a roleplayer and out of character friend! <3
    -- Marius
  • Dylan

    This has taken me too long to write-- Dylan is one of those people that everyone should know. Honestly, she opened my eyes to a different set of people I really didn't know even existed on furcadia. She is thoughtful and caring and loves to torment her characters as much as I. With every roleplay I feel like smiling or crying or both, because they are just so great. I have learned so much about character development and what it means to have solid long term roleplay. <3
    -- Essie
  • Dylan

    As a friend, Dylan is of the highest quality; she is supportive, constructive in her feedback, and her sense of humor is infectious. Her organizational skill, work ethic and devotion to the dream she manages set her apart as one of those rare natural leaders without a stitch of self-importance. As a roleplayer she is elegant, active and dynamic, and I never come away from our interactions without a smile.
    -- Rosby
  • Dylan

    Although I have not had the honor of roleplaying with Dylan personally, I have been able to watch her in action on numerous occasions. She is true to her characters every time and is a marvelously gifted roleplayer.
    -- kelseylou
  • Dylan

    A wonderful women, though i havent truly spoken to her, ive been watching from afar. Talented with amazing characters to boot! Give her some love, people <3
    -- Clipped
  • Dylan

    Nary a moment is wasted or dull with Dylan, be it IC or OOC. She's dedicated to her craft in RP, diligent even in minor personality traits not solely mentioned on a site, but evinced and constant. Always a pleasure to RP with.
    -- Blair
  • Dylan

    We've only RPed once, but it went very well. I am looking forward to RPing on other alts of ours. She's very nice oocly and seems to care about people's life outside of roleplay.
    -- Belial
  • Dylan

    Dylan and I haven't rped or really chatted much. But I know she's Canadian kudos right there lol. But seriously I know she's an awesome mod!
    -- Nikina
  • Dylan

    Dylan is so awesome and friendly, and it's always a pleasure to see her in the forums! Happy MAD! :)
    -- Loki
  • Dylan

    Another awesome moderator who I unfortunately don't get to talk much to! In spite of that, she's come off as very friendly and very helpful, and for that I appreciate her! <3
    -- Copper_Dragon

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