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Penumbra's Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

This is what other people have enjoyed most about playing with Penumbra.

  • Penumbra

    While I've given kudos before, I thought I would again. I've actually stopped role-playing and do not come on here often. But it should be said that there are few writers with such imagination and skill in the execution of a character that it still makes you think on their characters long after you've stopped playing. The characters are perfection. Mysterious, horrifying, lovable. And the player is kind hearted, forgiving, funny. I'm lucky to have spent my RP days with them, and you'd be too.
    -- Paich
  • Penumbra

    There's so much to say about Pen that it's hard for me to boil it down. They are an amazing artist and writer with an imagination that truly will astonish you. It's like being in a movie when you RP with any of their characters. But their focus is on having fun - and so they incorporate you and everyone else into the RP in so many ways. They keep you on your feet with plots, always guessing, and always leaving a trail of mystery to follow.
    -- jamerson
  • Penumbra

    Probably the longest, consistent friend I've had on RPR and over-all Roleplay partner. I have adored them since I met them several years ago (DAMN doesn't seem that long ago!).
    They are a wonderful person and a damn good story-teller. Their characters are also incredibly unique and always worth just knowing about.
    You'd be crazy not to give them a shot.
    -- Vicious
  • Penumbra

    Pen has been an absolute treasure. A wonderfully sweet person, they're a terrific writer, create fantastic characters and utterly mind blowing stories that I can't get enough of. The way they can weave multiple characters into a plot, always give them a way to shine, always keep other players on their toes and guessing what comes next, is masterful. Kind, conscientious, warm hearted, Pen is everything you want from a person and a writing partner. I can't wait to collaborate with them more!
    -- Jenn
  • Penumbra

    God, time flies. I have known Penumbra since 2002, which is amazing to me. I cannot express properly how much it means to have a friend who has been that constant in my life. They have always been an amazing roleplayer, crafting intricate stories and making great characters that challenge you, but they've grown so much as a writer. They've also grown so much as an artist too and with every new piece, I think they get better and better. I adore them, and they are among my closest friends.
    -- Djinn-n-Tonic
  • Penumbra

    What I failed to mention before was one of Pen's greatest traits: reliability. They don't ghost our plots, leave a scene unfinished or resort to summary. They stick to what they start, see it through, commit to communities and continuities. They're dedicated, and I value them endlessly because of this. Their dependability has kept me motivated through so much. They've improved my RP experience and have been an even more reliable friend, there's so many plots I couldn't have done without Pen!
    -- Libertine
  • Penumbra

    Another person I wished I had a chance to RP with more, but I can appreciate her art and knack for world building. The times I have RP'd with her she brings a certain gravitas to the scenes that is always appreciated. Her attention to detail in her character designs make them feel more alive and unique, I would recommend RP with her if you have the chance!
    -- Carrera-Viper
  • Penumbra

    Pen is very sweet and while I don't know them as well as I'd like to, I certainly still have plenty to say about them. I met them a while back and commissioned them not long after for a tarot-styled art piece and I've watched them grow exponentially after that as an artist. They are a grand rper and a very sweet person. 10/10 do recommend.
    -- Healthbar
  • Penumbra

    Years ago, I'd come after Pen for an Arron tarot-esque commission and it's a piece I still treasure to this day - and they've only gotten better and more refined at their art, since then! And in-game, they've got a good head for building figurative mystery boxes in their plots, as well as running quest and boss-type RPs - and it's always worth spending an evening or so stumbling into a situation in which Penumbra's a DM!
    -- Rigby
  • Penumbra

    Penumbra designed two of my fullbody avatar images in a very short time, and somehow guessed exactly what I wanted! I was absolutely thrilled with their work and highly recommend them!
    -- DorianM

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