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Epic Week 2019: Our 9th Birthday Bash

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Epic Week 2019 News


    As a community, we've solved 30 riddles, puzzles and collection quests, beat two bosses and a sea of tough monsters. We've helped Doubutt get hundreds of weapons out of Forohfor fortress. We've learned how to master our super powers - or surf the waves of chaos. You have done the whole site proud.

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  • Deeper Into the Labyrinth

    We've completed all riddles, puzzles and collection quests on the first two obelisks of the labyrinth. Incredible team work, everyone! <3 <3 <3 A mysterious door has appeared, leading ever deeper into the labyrinth... Our final challenges lie ahead of us.

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  • Day 4 Progress Report (Epic Week 2019)

    Have we proved our strength to the satisfaction of this place's guardians? Perhaps, but our quest doesn't advance without challenges, as mighty cyborg minotaurs and other robotic perils are still at large!

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