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    DogStreet is a town where the majority are welcome, especially outcasts and runaways. It's a safe haven for all creatures big and small, and nobody in town is completely normal.

    No one has to hide who they are because there is a huge wall surrounding the town and a large forest rests between said wall and the edge of town.

    Guardians are there to keep watch over the peaceful little town and keep everyone safe from hostile intruders that happen to get in somehow. A person doesn't apply to be one of the few Guardians, but are hand picked by the town leader (mayor, so to speak). Because of this, anyone with a letter "G" charm around their neck on a cord or chain (the badge of a Guardian) is always held in high regards and usually respected by all the citizens of DogStreet. They're the town's police force, fire fighters, scientists, doctors, and EMT combined into a single unit. Each of the Guardians are there for a reason, and possess some sort of talent that made them worthy of their title. Abuse of their power will get the title stripped away just as fast, so they're always under close watch of the town leader.

    **If you made it through this entire bit of info, congrats! You now know the basic knowledge of DogStreet! If not, you'll figure it out eventually! I hope.. You have the choice on whether or not your character knows any of this info upon arrival. Most do not because the town is so secluded and hidden within nature. The wall is likely cloaked to most regular humans, which is why most of DogStreet is supernatural in some form or fashion. Humans ARE allowed however, and some wander in regardless of the cloaking device.

    **Tech Level: DogStreet is modern day, phones and televisions exist, but there are few cars since the town is so small. Most people walk, ride bikes/motorcycles/etc. for the scenery. A few people do have cars/trucks and those vehicles are well known by the others in town if that particular character has been around awhile. (Tyler, for example, and his black Dodge Dakota. Or Robin, and his motorcycle that a few of DogStreet's adolescent females dream of being on the back of.)

    **Restrictions: There are very few. Cannon characters are welcome, if you don't copy exactly from the show/etc they came from and add some form of twist. Original characters are welcome, including every species and race you can think of. We'd love to see what you can come up with! As long as you're not going to tear down our town, you're welcome in. There are no age limits for characters, but we do ask that the player is at least 16+.
  • Locations!

    Town Center: Obviously, this is the center of town. A lot of locals come here to mingle. Many social events are also held here during appropriate times of the year; decorations are placed accordingly with the seasons. The area is rather large, stone flooring signaling the borders of the area with benches placed strategically along the edges. A half-wall made of stone surrounds the square, an opening on each side for entrance; four in total. An elegant fountain is placed in the center for a calming effect and just in case someone wants to play in the water.

    Apartments: This is where new people usually end up staying, most of the time it's rent-free. The reason for that is because most new people are running from someone or something and need refuge. They can't be worrying about something as trivial as rent. The building is five stories tall, including multiple options for housing as well as an indoor pool and breakfast area. It's much like a hotel but with permanent housing.
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