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As per usual you meet in a tavern. Not an original scene, but one familiar to most. The tavern has few others. It’s early in the morning which us the time the early drunks came in. In short it wasn’t a terribly busy time of day.

There are any others you might team up with in the room. Along with a stranger in the corner. Sulking and cloaked in dark colored cloth. Then there was a lil goblin sitting more out in the open. A lil green goblin that had a knife at his belt, but that wasn’t unusual. Most people had to travel armed these days as the streets were crawling with monsters. No one knows where all the monsters are coming from, but there it a rumor that a powerful sorcerer way to the West could be the cause.

But who’s got the guts to go do that am I rite? So Y/C can do what they want or whatever. Wish to talk to anyone?
Cedric Hayes either needed to get some money together in a hurry or he needed to get out of town for awhile. He'd been spending a little too much time in this particular tavern lately, rollin' the bones each night. And his luck these past few weeks had left him not only broke, but in debt to Keaton Payne, a man with deep pockets and several thugs on his payroll.

Cedric was skilled enough with a blade that Keaton and his thugs probably wouldn't come straight at him, even though they'd be threatening to do so for days now. But still, he had to sleep sometime and Keaton's patience was wearing thin. And Cedric would really prefer to keep his fingers and toes.

Time to suck it up and find a job. That probably meant selling his services as a guard. And with all these monsters popping up recently, well, someone was bound to need an extra blade, right? He strode into the tavern and glanced over at the goblin. "They let anyone in here these days," he muttered under his breath as he went toward the barkeep.

"Hey, Wy... oh," he realized belatedly that it wasn't the normal barkeep. At least not the one that was usually there in the evening times. "Hey, uh," he tried to recover from the momentary slip, "you heard 'a anyone hirin'?"
There. The reason the tavern was so empty. The new temporary barkeeper was a nearly 7 foot tall teifling. A female as well, pretty if you had the right taste, but she was extremely stupid and giddy.

“Hmm? Yea Bryseis knows both others here are looking for people to hire! Tiny greenish man hasn’t ordered anything though,” she seemed slightly sad at the prospect. “Man in corner says he wasn’t more than one people! Something about wizards. The goblin wants the same thing though. Wizards are cool! Have you ever met a wizard?!” She talked a lot for sure.

The goblin fiddles his thumbs nervously as he sat. Seeming awkward. The man in the corner was silent and still. Stoic one might say.
Within one of the corners sat Nihtgenge, her long white hair braided back and her cloak hood was down to reveal her slender, elegant features. She was currently at a table, pen in hand as she hummed slightly to herself. Trying to think of a story for a possible performance, she had ideas but wasn’t sure about them. She needed inspiration.

As she looked around from her seat, she saw a rather tall barkeep, a tiefling, which she had rarely seen the kind before. A goblin, which seemed fairly common in nature. And a cloaked man, who she wasn’t sure quite of their nature but they appeared interesting. Perhaps, a story could be found here.

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Cedric raised a rather skeptical eye at the tiefling's announcement that 'wizards are cool'.

"I've met some..." he replied, his tone suggested his opinion of them as a whole was rather low. Not that he thought they were all bad. There was one that begrudgingly held his respect even if she was rather arrogant and judgmental. Most of them though... seemed to do more harm than good.

But, on the bright side, if the rumors were true that it was a wizard responsible for all these monsters around lately, maybe he'd get to stick a sword through the bastard's stomach.

His eyes were adjusting by now to the dimmer interior of the tavern and he scanned the two patrons Bryseis mentioned.

"Thanks," he said to the tiefling. "I'll have a word with ..." he trailed off as his gaze caught site of the white haired elf in the other corner, his hand instinctively going to the hilt of his sword. Though, just in time, he caught himself, remembering where he was, and did not draw the blade. The very site of the vile creature caused his heart rate to rise.

"You serving the monsters in here now?" he asked Bryseis, though in truth his comment was directed at Nihtgenge, spoken loud enough that it was fully intended the drow should overhear as he fixed her with a steely and menacing gaze.
Hearing the words of the human, Nihtgenge looked up from her paper to meet his gaze with one of slight surprise. Though used to the unfriendliness towards herself, she had been caught off guard.

Not wanting to cause a fight within the tavern, the Drow only put her pen down and asked, “Is my writing disturbing you sir?” Her voice was a little deep as she spoke. Already knowing this isn’t the case at all, she looked at him now with a more curious gaze, wondering what his next move would be.

If she needed to draw a weapon or not, she wasn’t sure of. The man seemed to be angry already, at least out of what she could tell from the look he gave her. For now, she put away her pen and paper.
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Bryseis cocked her head to the left slightly. “There are no monsters inside. All the monsters are outside! If one was in here Bryseis would have to kill it.” She seemed very confused.

The man in the corner lifted his head slightly. Interested in the new tension that was slowly building in the room.
The swordsman kept his gaze on the dark elf. "You writin' a ballad 'bout how your kind are a bunch of cave dwelling, bloodthirsty, sadistic, spider worshippin' ..." Cedric seemed to run out of adjectives to highlight his feelings toward her race "... savages?"

His last encounter with the drow had left him scarred, both mentally and physically. Most of the physical ones were well covered by his clothes, except for the two lines that crossed his face: one over his nose and the other over his left eye socket. But the hostility on display toward Nihtgenge might hint at the mental scars and nightmares the sellsword still suffered.

Luckily, Cedric had some self-restraint. Enough to not want the town's guards to toss him into prison for disturbing the peace and his sword remained sheathed.

“There are no monsters inside. All the monsters are outside! If one was in here Bryseis would have to kill it.”

The tiefling's words broke a little bit of Cedric's focus on the drow. "They ain't all got tentacles and claws, Bryseis," he commented.
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“Bryseis has horns! And big feet! Big feet that stomped on hand!” Bryseis brought up her hands which were both prosthetic(I need to update her backstory and stuffs still).

“Hand eat fish though!” She added as if that explained everything.

The guy in the corner grumbled something then spoke aloud for everyone to hear, “You all are being awe fully loud..” Then he thought for a moment. “Are you two looking for jobs?” He asked directing the question to Cedric and Night.

The goblin looked around nervously. “Yes.... I am looking to hire.. As well.”
Nihtgenge raised a brow at the words about her people before giving a soft sigh, shaking her head. "Not all of us worship spiders. I for one am no savage, but you're starting to seem like one to me." Even with the calm look on her face, there was a hint of annoyance in her voice that was unmistakable. She knew her kind was not always welcome but this didn't mean it would not annoy her. "If I were a monster, I would have jumped from my seat and attacked at those first words. Or at least that's what I've observed. Unless you have business with me I suggest you bite your tongue."

Looking over at the man in the corner, she gave a soft nod, "Actually yes, I am. I apologize for the disruption, and the possible headache." She lowered her voice a little as she got up from her seat, walking over to the man so she wouldn't have to call across the room. Surprisingly soft spoken at the close range, she offered a more friendly smile, "May I sit with you to discuss the job?"

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"Straight up fight? Didn't think that was your style."

For all his hatred toward the drow, he knew them to be anything but stupid. Particularly the females, who ruled their society. All alone, she wouldn't risk coming straight at him. More like poison his drink or catch him in a trap in a back alley later.

Since the dark elf started speaking with the cloaked man, Cedric focused his attention on the goblin instead. "You payin' in gold?"
The goblin looked up. Kinda happy that someone had even considered him over the other guy. “Yes yes. Gold! Lots of gold! And whatever treasure you pick up along the way!” He told Cedric. “Looking for multiple people. Not just one! Not a one person job,” the goblin explained. He forgot to state his name.

On the other hand the man shrugged. “Of course, but I will need more than just one person. Otherwise you would surely fail.” He copied the goblin. Both seemed to want the same things.

Bryseis leaped over the bar counted with ease. Her tail flicking to and fro behind her. “Oh! Bryseis wants to join! Bryseis needs to do many jobs in order to return home!”
Night rolled her eyes slightly, chuckling to herself. She had been saying that was exactly what she wouldn’t do since she wasn’t a monster, but perhaps it could have been him saying she was. Whichever way, she turned her attention to the cloaked man.

At his statement, she nodded, “I see. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the job exactly? It could very well be the same as the man over there.” She hummed slightly in curiosity. “I am interested, though unfortunately I am alone.....”

She looked at Byseis when she hopped over the bar counter, and offered the tiefling a friendly, genuine smile at her enthusiasm. “If you wish to I’d be happy to join you on a job Miss Bryseis.”
At the opposite side of the tavern sat a young woman looking at a chunk of change laid out in front of the table. She had on simple leather armor underneath her somewhat noble like attire. The woman was a mixture of human and elf, a half-elf to put it plainly.

She seemed to be wrapped up in her own thoughts as she didn't react to any of the conversation and tension going on around her.

"All that work I did and I am still left with chump change...", she mumbled to herself as she traced her fingers on the rim of her empty cup. The half-elf sighed in defeat and plopped her forehead on the table. This tavern was the perfect gathering hub for depressed adventurers with money problems.

The half-elf continued to mope in her chair until she heard something wonderful ring from her ears.

Did she hear that correctly? The "G" word? GOLD!?

She shot up from her seat, scooped up her 'chump change' and hurried over to the opposite side of the tavern and slammed her hands excitedly on the table.

"I heard someone was offering gold, who said it!?" She looked on opposite sides of the table awaiting an answer. Probably recognizing how desperate she looked, the half-elf coughed into her hand to compose herself.

"My apologies, I overheard there was a job opportunity of some kind. Might I ask what this quest entails and its exact payment?" She spoke in a soft voice with her hands crossed in front of her in an elegant fashion.
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Gods, he hated this kind of stuff. Picking up random assignments from shady folks in a tavern. But he needed the money like ... yesterday. "Tell me 'bout the job anyways," Cedric said to the goblin, pulling out a chair at his table and sitting down so that he was positioned to keep an eye on the drow. No sense letting his back to her.

"I might know some folks..." he said, rather vaguely. If they might be interested depended entirely upon the nature of the work the goblin had in mind.

But it seemed the problem soon solved itself as a pretty brunette came over. She must have some elven blood, he noted a second later, seeing the slightly pointed tips to her ears. "This fella here... ma'am," Cedric gestured to the goblin as he stood up and pulled a chair out for her in a gentlemanly fashion, hoping to sway her over to their table before she joined up with the drow.
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Both the goblin and the dark clothed stranger seemed surprised at Charlotte’s sudden exclamation.

“I did.” They both answered in unison. Then the two glared at each other angrily.

“Hey I bet I could pay more. If all four of you work for me I’ll give you each 150 gold!” The goblin offered. “And I won’t ask for any of the treasure you find along the way!”

“I’ll give 200.” The strange man spoke over the goblin. “And the same thing with treasure.”

“300 gold each.” The goblin insisted.

Bryseis looked between both of them a little overwhelmed.
Nihtgenge watched the half elf as she did this, her eyes widened slightly from the sudden look of desperation. Quickly going to the man and goblin, she also watched this in slight surprise, then asked. “If it’s possible, maybe you two can come to an agreement and we can travel for both of you?” She didn’t know exactly what they wanted, but thought it would be worth a try.

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The half elf turned her gaze to the two men and listened to them squabble about who was willing to pay the most money. Her eyes began to twinkle as the price of payment kept growing higher and more to her benefit. However, she couldn’t help but agree with the dark elf who was trying to break up the bickering.

The half elf clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention, “I agree with the woman! If you two gentlemen are offering the same kind of work why not turn two jobs into one? We will happily accept once we know what we are doing of course!”

She was getting a little ahead of herself with the whole ‘we’ stuff since no one had really agreed to doing this quest as a group so she decided to follow it up with, “those of us who are willing to group up of course.”

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