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  • This rp is about a highschool life for monsters, humans, Demi-humans, and many other races can enjoy.

    There are three different types of classes for this rp;

      Academics (normal human classes)

      Combat Training(physical fighting & training classes)

      Magical Education(classes for magic users, and classes to gain the knowledge on how and to use magic spells)

    One of the characters, Drago, is going be as a student in all three types of classes.
    The Academic classes are basic knowledge for school graduating school.

    Math, history, language, science, & reading ( some are normal science classes for normal humans, and more advanced classes for alchemists).

    Combat Training classes is to increase your physical properties, as in strength and agility.

    Magical Education classes teaches students on mana control, help them figure out their Magic’s attribute, and teaches many different spells. That includes transformation magic, tamer magic, summoning magic, etc.

    for more information look on the classes page