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  • The Basics

    Hoshi Clan

    OOC Rules and Information
    • No OOC to IC or vice versa. Such actions will not be tolerated.
    • Respect Other players even if you do not get a long with them.
    • Do not Thrill Kill or attack others with out provocation.
    • Feel free to voice any issues or concerns with the site, rules, layout or any other thing.
    • If there is any issue with another player be sure to bring it to me (Tainlong) and the dream's staff.
    • Plots are always welcomed and please be sure to run any you have by us!
    • There are two option for IC fights, Dice rolls and/or free form depending on players comfort levels.
    • Dice roll Starting HP will always be 100. Members Page for Dice Roll levels and HP.
    • Free Form Fights will be monitored for Auto attacks and to many doges.
    • Three Doge Rule, No more then 3 dodges in a row before taking a hit FULL Force no exceptions.
    • Winner will take loser's position if a challenge fight/spar.
    IC Rules and Information
    • To Join the Clan you must first RP with Tainlong. Her name can be known ICly.
    • Respect the King and Queen of the Clan.
    • All members of the clan will aid and respect all in and outside of the clan.
    • Do not attack or chase off strangers unless they mean harm to the clan or its Allies.
    • Anyone can bring a prospective member to the clan to later be approved by the King or Queen.
    • All young will be cared for by the Clan.
    • Hunting Groups will always be lead by the King or Queen.
    • All young born into the clan will given a blessing.
    • All young born out of the clan will be listed as Allies unless they join the clan.
    • Breeding outside of the clan is frowned upon but not punishable. All young of the outside breeding will always stay with the mother.
    • All positions are able to be Challenged.
    • All challenges must happen in witness of the Clan.
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