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  • "I often think that night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."
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    Imagine a town.

    You might see a suburban neighborhood. Maybe a rural one all the way out in some place no one could imagine. Or maybe, you see a bustling city which never seems to go to sleep. Whatever you see....this town isn't it.

    Full of horror, supernatural occurrences, mystery, romance, betrayal, and intrigue. A town succumbed into darkness at all times, except the one day every 5 years where they aren't. That's when the town's citizens truly come together and set their differences apart.

    In Inmortale Nox, everyone is oblivious to the truth. Dig deeper into this town and you'll find things that you wished were kept hidden, look through the charades that people put up and see there true selves. Only then will you see...that this town isn't what it seems.
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