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    Sixteen years ago the most potent Winnowing in history killed almost all Lorebloods old enough to speak. Those who either Renewed or remain however, can no longer afford to remain clandestine as the Ban holding the border solid between the Realms begins to fade, opening the possibility of unchecked interaction or - more likely - violence. While the majority are willing to consider past harms to be natural conflict and live in peace, many also would seek justice or atonement, and there are a significant number who thirst for revenge. The only way to strengthen the Ban would be to find the one who holds it, and persuade her to renew her Claim. The problem with this lies in the fact that she vanished over a hundred twenty years ago.

    Our questors have finally all joined forces, finding almost all of the missing Steward's memory stone fragments. While dreams of a life not their own plague some members, others are absorbed in impatient silence. Now they need only hold together long enough to seek the final piece with which to mend the stone and return it to its rightful owner. Against odds, they have shown a unity of purpose: to bring their long lost Steward back into the Realm of Men...
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    Ardra Lifestone, heir to the Pendragon dynasty and all her family’s Claims, is the longest living tri-blood Master. Although any of the Lore know by instinct that she still lives, she has not been heard from since January 21, 1893. Now events are culminating that will either force her into the spotlight, or shatter all she holds dear.

    Enlil Doireann Tempest is an old drake who has lived in both the human and Lore realms during her lifetime. Unwilling to give her loyalties without it benefiting her, Enlil is untrusting of those outside of her blood family. Enlil has kept mostly to herself in the last half decade, spending much of her time in her potions laboratory. When a shard of someone’s memory stone Enlil found back in 1940 starts to behave strangely she knows everything is about to shift, the question is, which way?

    Despite being born a Loreblood, Lucifer LuxUmbra’s life in Southeast Asia has been rather calm and uninteresting. Uninteresting becomes interesting quite suddenly when Lucifer’s wife is charged with murder. In order to clear her of the charges Lucifer has journeyed to England and secured the legal help of an old friend. With that accomplished, he’s about to embark on an even more interesting – and dangerous – journey.

    Up until her recent visit to Europe, Silhouette lived (relatively) peacefully with her family in the Fae Realm. As the elder daughter of the Vraya Selena, her main mission in life is to protect her younger sister, Serenity, preferably without destroying civilization in the process. Together, they are a troublesome duo, in a mischievous sense, but are often kept together because their boredom without each other is a little more… dangerous. She recently came across an unusual stone during a trip to her paternal grandparents in Moldova (a sweet and humorous couple.) Is it important? Can she get rid of it from inventory if she even wanted to? How many chucks could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? We shall see the story, as it unfolds…

    An Irishman trapped in the bleak drizzle of modern England, Henry Walter gets dragged into a royal mess when a visiting foreigner finds an unusual rock in his Blue Diamond pawn shop.

    Rui “Blondie” Neto is a man with a purpose that will not be disrupted. A Loreblood from Angola, Rui suffered at the hands of mercenaries during the last Winnowing. Determined to have his revenge, Rui is waiting for his day of reckoning; nothing, and no one, is going to stop him.

    Genovefa Ketalyst is a tri-blood who seeks to hold a coup and become the next Steward, when she intends to name the heroes of the last century. Known by the nickname Veva, she has already raised an army. Genovefa starts in Moldova searching for more lore-bloods to support her coup.
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