• The Second Prophecy of Mandos- DAGOR DAGORATH

    The setting is present day, the world as we know it was not always the amalgamation of peoples and cultures that it is today. Once, before history's recording, it was known by another name...Middle Earth.

    Although the Elves have pretty much passed on and magic is nearly forgotten, there are still pockets of it remaining in the world just out of reach of human hands. A prophecy is about to come into play...Morgoth has broken free of his prison within the void and in his escape, freed his most loyal servants as well. Pouring into the present day, they find this new industrial, commercialized world most accommodating to the plans they have in store for it. Most importantly...Turin Turaumbar, the one the prophesy states will defeat Morgoth and save what is left of the world...has at long last, been reborn. In the form of a quiet, unassuming, twelve year old.

    It is known that Morgoth intends to destroy the Sun and the Moon, thus destroying the world. It is known Turin will be needed to stop him. What is not known, is how a twelve year old boy can accomplish such a gargantuan task. An assemblage of elves and the descendants of the original fellowship are gathered and with them, so too do the guardians of the world come forth. Alongside Gandalf, Eonwe, Elven Kings, Lords and Warriors alike, this motley band will attempt to protect the boy of the prophecy...and ultimately save the world.