The Elysian

  • Summary

    The Elysian mysteriously appeared among a shipment of slaves to Guilderiem along with several key places around the Urrth, the newest innovations in magickal enchanting and golem research handed out as samples to be tested in real world settings. Featuring ingrained subservient behavior, durable forms with low-maintenance needs, aesthetically pleasing bodies and a wellfount of stored arcane energies for any magically-inclined being to make use of in numerous ways, the Elysian very well could be the most efficient replacement for flesh and blood slaves.

  • Origins

    Many places have been gifted with a small clutch of Elysians, to be sold within the slave markets with the hope they will gain attention. They are trained with a single order purveying all others: advertise for their creator. Upon questioning of either their species, their nature, how they were trained or their history, any Elysian will be compelled to provide the same information:

    For enhancements, repairs, or to order a custom Elysian, please contact The Owl via his Elysian Servitor within your respective area.

    Thus the Elysians are the product, and the Servitors the sales representatives who service and manage The Owl’s business from a distance.

    Rather than having been born, from the first day their heart is activated they are fully grown adults and all looking and acting exactly the same, with the same skills and knowledge already lodged within their brains, though they are not yet ready for public release. First they must undergo 'training' in which they are given tasks to perform by either the Owl or one of his subordinates to test personality, functionality, obedience, and response to specialty skills to decide what model they will become. xnFIrcH.png Every Elysian is, before their training, the same as any other.

    The first part of their lives are spent within a single drab area meant for them and their clutch, with only trainers allowed to enter and leave through a single magically locked door. Interpersonal communication between Elysians is discouraged, though it is possible to find ways around such. Through training, personalities develop until all those within the clutch are considered to be 'complete' and each clutch member is assigned a model type, a name, and modified in appearance and construction befitting of their model.

    Avpw6J3.pngThe next step of training involves developing skills unique to each clutch member's model until they are considered ready for sale.

    After training and assignment is complete, the clutch is escorted to a ship and sent to their intended destination for selling to markets.

    LpXEmu6.pngOOC Note: A new Elysian can come into RP either to be sold as an Unowned Slave through Guilderiem, or through an Elysian Servitor.