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    Welcome to Alfheim, the heavenly realm of the Germanic elves.

    This is a semi-private role playing group and Furcadia dream for characters based on the elves of ancient Germanic myths and lore and set on the world of Alfheim.


    1. Where am I?
    Our dream is set in the city of Hearic on the island of Lightfall on the world of Alfheim.

    2. How did I get here?
    There are many ways to reach Alfheim. You can use magic to teleport, travel aboard a ship that can journey between the planes, or (if you are a ljosalfr) enter through the Alfbru (elf bridge), a magical conduit that the ljosalfar use to travel between the worlds. Unexplained magical snafus to conveniently deposit your character here are fine as well.

    3. What should I know about Lightfall's history?
    In XX11, an alfar by the name of Wandælf from a city to the south of Hearic known as Rimegard led an army in a coup to take over Lightfall. The former jarl Roric was killed and his family forced into exile. It wasn't until XX19 that his children, Ljos and Eowulf, mustered an army and retook Lightfall from Wandælf after defeating his forces.

    4. What languages are spoken on Alfheim?
    The alfar speak Germanic languages. Norse is the lingua franca of Alfheim, but in Lightfall, the local dialect is closer to Anglo-Saxon. If your character does not speak either of these languages, they can purchase an aid in the market that resembles a clip-on earring called an Ealltunge. An Ealltunge will allow them to speak and understand the languages of Alfheim for as long as they wear it.

    5. What is the technology level of Alfheim itself?
    The alfar are an advanced race whose technology frequently intersects with magic and appears notably quaint and primitive on the surface. The homes have running water, flushing toilets, and are lit by flameless lamps and they stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter seemingly of their own accord (although fireplaces are common). Their cities are protected by cannons that fire bolts of pure energy and their guards wield spears and swords that can also fire blasts of magical energy while their long ships can travel in the air and in between the realms.

    6. What is the currency used on Alfheim?
    The standard currency on Alfheim is the hacksilver, a small silver coin with a purchasing power similar to the U.S. dollar (i.e. 1 hacksilver = 1 dollar). See? Easy! No math at all!

    7. What does "semi-private" mean?
    This dream was made by a group of friends for our own personal role play. It wasn't made to try and capture a broader audience than that, but we welcome new friends to our group. We reserve the right to ask anyone who does not fit well with our group to leave, but we are committed to creating a welcoming environment for anyone who wants to play with us.

    8. Who is the management team?
    The dream is co-owned by all of the following: Ljos, Amaltheia, Basilio, Eowulf, Harper Greenbush, Hryggda, Isidora.

    9. Who made the map?
    The map was made by Ljos, Amaltheia, and Isidora using a combination of free and custom-made patches. The most significant patchwork (including over 100 custom items) came from PointyHat on DeviantArt. If you are looking for art or patches, please consider supporting them and all the great work they do!
    Note about Artwork
    All artwork on this site was commissioned and/or created by and belongs to Ljos' player and may not be used by anyone else.