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About Alfheim

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    Alfheim (Old Norse Álfheimr, “Elf-Home”) is the world inhabited by the ljósálfar ("light elves"), a class of gods and demigods from Germanic mythology. It is a peaceful realm located in the Northern Heavens and it is filled with tall mountains, low valleys, and deep oceans. It is teeming with life and overflowing with natural beauty to match that of its inhabitants.

    The realm is generally colder than most, with summer highs in the 70's and 80's and winters generally in the 20's and 30's. Snow covers a greater proportion of the world than others, and extends all the way to the equator during some winters.

    Alfheim is divided into ten jarldoms or petty kingdoms, each ruled by a chieftain who swears allegiance to the High King of Alfheim, Frey. The royal families are all blessed with greater strength than the typical light elf and the rightful ruler of each kingdom has access to a divine power known as the Light Force.

    In addition to the ljosalfar, more than half of the population of Alfheim is made up of einherjar (the souls of fallen warriors) and other posthumous spirits as well several tribes of nature spirits including landvættir, nicor, and bergbui.
    Left to Right: Nicor, Bergbui, Landvættir

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    Alfgard is the most urbanized kingdom of Alfheim. Its ruler is jarl Fjölnir and it has a population of 8,000.

    Solgard is the hub of numerous fishing towns and has several large cities to the north, while the south is mostly rural. Its ruler is jarl Eirikr is and it has a population of 5,000.

    Andlang includes the vast and expansive southern steppes and the arctic north. Its ruler is jarl Alvis and it has a population of 3,000.

    Vidblain is urbanized to the west and largely rural in the east. Its ruler is jarl Iðunn and it has a population of 2,500.

    Lightfall is divided into warm and sunny Hearic to the north and the bitterly cold Rimegard to the south. Its ruler is jarl Ljos and it has a population of 2,000.

    Fargvoll is the westernmost of the three southern isles. Its ruler is jarl Magnalf and it has a population of 2,000.

    Hardbjarg is made up of three islands, however only the southernmost island has any significant population. Its ruler is jarl Ólafr Geirstaðaálfr and it has a population of 1,500.

    Vida is the westernmost kingdom on Alfheim. Its ruler is jarl Víðalf and it has a population of 1,000.

    Loptbord is a frigid island to the north of Alfgard which rarely sees temperatures above freezing. It is a land without a ruler, as its jarl, Weland, spends most of his time working in the smiths in the realm of the dwarves. It has a population of 800.

    Vetthrek is the easternmost and least densely populated kingdom of Alfheim. Often referred to as the "forgotten lands", it is ruled by jarl Borghild and has a population of only 500.

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    The ljósálfar ("light elves") are a race of human-sized divinities native to Alfheim. They are one of a contrasting pair of mythic or primal elves (alfar or alvar), the other being the swarthy dökkálfar ("dark elves") who come from Svartalfheim. Ljósálfar have been characterized as having supernatural strength, magical powers and otherworldly beauty, described as "luminous beings" and "fairer than the sun to look at".

    The alfar are hardy enough to live through wounds that would kill a human and even survive in a vacuum, but their true strength is in their skill. They have the ability to grow and refine virtually any skill they dedicate themselves to seemingly without limits, continuously improving for as long as they are willing to devote themselves to it.

    Additionally, the ten jarls of Alfheim share a mystical power known as the Light Force, which manifests in different ways in each jarl. For example, Weland the Smith uses his Light Force to light the fires of his forge, allowing him to forge weapons from materials too strong to withstand all but the most intense heat, while Idunn uses her Light Force to nourish the tree from which she grows the apples of everlasting life.

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