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    1. What are the general rules?
    Don't be intentionally unkind to anyone. Be open to other points of view and to other stories. Have fun, and approach all scenes with the genuine desire to make them enjoyable for everyone involved. We're here to write a story together and to have fun.

    You must follow the Furcadia Terms of Service and Dream Standards while playing in our dream and follow the RP Repository Site Use Rules and Terms while using our group page.

    Harassment and discrimination are not permitted under any circumstances and will result in banishment. Anyone found to engage in sexual scenes involving minors (in-character or out-of-character) will be immediately and permanently banned from the dream and group page and reported to Dragon's Eye Productions and RP Repository.

    We also observe the Courtesy Pass Rule. If you are in a RP with >3 people, and one of them has not posted for longer than 15 minutes, you may skip that person in the post order until they return. Real life happens, and we always want our players to prioritize real life over the game, but we also want people to feel comfortable and supported in moving forward with a scene if a member of the party has to step away unexpectedly for an extended period of time. Players may choose to invoke (or not) the Courtesy Pass Rule at their own discretion and may reach out to management for support if there are any questions or concerns.

    2. What are the rules about magic and combat?
    Be creative, be reasonable. We do not require you to use preps, but we do require you to use good judgment. If you don't know how to play fair and collaborate with other players without an exhaustive list of rules specifically listing out what is and is not acceptable, this is not the right dream for you. IC combat should never be about winning or losing--write a story, not an outcome.

    3. What are the rules about characters?
    Be creative, be reasonable. We acknowledge other worlds, pantheons, and mythologies, as well as original creations. Use good judgment and reach out to the management team if you have any questions.

    4. What are the rules about non-player characters (NPCs)?
    Use good judgment. You can play any of the NPCs located in the dream such as shopkeepers, pedestrians, etc. without question. Please do not make significant, permanent changes to the existing NPCs (i.e. killing them off) without speaking to management first. You're free to come up with your own NPCs (i.e. some random nurse at the sickhouse) and do with them what you'd like. You may also play NPC guards for your scenes, but keep in mind that these individuals are professional soldiers who are significantly stronger than any average human (in other words, they're not cannon fodder).

    5. My character is an elf from a different lore. Can I play them here?
    Yes! Elves from other lores (i.e. of the Dungeon's & Dragons variety) are allowed here, however, be aware that they will not be regarded as one of the native peoples of Alfheim. Because they are not connected to the alfar of Alfheim, they are not considered their kin even if they share the name "elf".

    6. What are the rules about technology?
    If it exists on another world and if it can be transported to Alfheim, you can play it here. Some things obviously won't work on Alfheim (i.e. cell phones need cell towers to transmit signals), but otherwise, feel free to play whatever! The alfar are well aware of the differences in technology on the other realms, and won't be shocked to see outsiders bringing in their own unique items and equipment.
    Note about Artwork
    All artwork on this site was commissioned and/or created by and belongs to Ljos' player and may not be used by anyone else.