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    Alfheimr is located in Furrabian Nights. You can get to our dream by clicking on this link while in-game or by going to:


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    Lights & Lanterns
    You can interact with the lighting of the dream in several ways.

    Handheld Lanterns To activate a handheld lantern, type !light to turn on and !dim to turn off.

    Room Lighting To activate room lighting, type !lightson to turn on and !lightsoff to turn off. You can also toggle room lighting by clicking the # BUTTON on the # TAB.

    Fire Pits To activate or extinguish a fire pit, simply bump into the item.

    Looking for Role Play Beacons
    Throughout the dream, you will find beacons that you can use to emit special notifications to the whole dream. To use these beacons, you must be standing over them.

    Type !rpon to announce that you are looking for role play.
    Type !guard to announce that you are in need of a guard.
    Type !rpoff to cancel the request.

    Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
    We have multiple NPCs throughout the dream that you can interact with by walking into them. If you would like to clear an NPC from a certain spot, stand over the NPC and type ctrl+u. This will dispel the NPC for 2 hours.

    Time & Date
    We use Furcadia Standard Time (AKA Central Standard Time) as our official in-game time. To check the current time in-game, bump into any clock or type !time.

    Type !date to see the current day and month on Alfheim.

    Years should be expressed as XX## with the last two numbers being the same as the real life year (e.g. if the real life year is 2019 then the in-game year is XX19).

    Hearic has its own weather patterns. Not only will you see rain and snow come and go at random, but you can also find out the current temperature in game by typing !weather.

    Note about Artwork
    All artwork on this site was commissioned and/or created by and belongs to Ljos' player and may not be used by anyone else.