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Lightfall Island



    Lightfall Island is one of the ten kingdoms of Alfheim and is currently ruled by jarl Ljos. It is 127 miles from North to South, 82 miles East to West, and 6,612 mi² in area (a little smaller than the real world nation of Kuwait) and has a small population of only about 2,000.

    Map of Lightfall Island.

    Lightfall Island is divided into ten regions each ruled by a Lord (except for Hearic) who swears allegiance to the jarl of Lightfall. Each Lord is expected to produce ten trained soldiers to fight for the jarl when called upon.

    9LIiPjA.png WARDENS 9LIiPjA.png

    The Wardens of Lightfall are the sworn defenders of the island led by Lady Tiressa. They are trained soldiers made up of alfar and einherjar who serve as the guards and standing army of the kingdom. Far stronger than any average human, they are trained in a variety of martial arts, patrol in full suits of armor, and wield spears and shields as their primary weapons.

    If you are interested in playing a member of the Wardens, please reach out to the management team. The application process is brief and painless! We're more interested in getting to know you as a player and why you're interested in playing this role than we are "testing" your role play combat skills (see rule #2).

    Lady of the Wardens Tiressa
    Thane of the Wardens Alauntree

    9LIiPjA.png BUSINESSES 9LIiPjA.png

    You do not need permission to play any of the NPCs or to assume that your character is an employee of any business in the dream with the exception of the Wardens, Reservoir, Castle, and Sparkforge (you're allowed to become an employee of these last three, we'd just like to know about it first--please contact management). If you would like to become the owner of one of the following businesses, please let management know. You may also start your own business operating out of your house, a mobile cart, etc.

    Name of the Business - Employees (* indicates an NPC)
    Stables - Ælfgar*, Ralue
    Wash House - Asta*
    Jeweler (Market Cart) - Bjorg*
    Grocer (Market Cart) - Helmold*
    Blacksmith - Leifr*
    Bakery - Wassa*
    Butcher - Hakon*
    Winehouse & Inn - Medu*, Jol
    Sickhouse - Halona*, Claire, Lyra Muriel
    Tailor - Telg*
    Workhouse - Wulfric*, Adelmar*
    University - Cola*, Hrothgar*, Jhaes Maksa, Leod
    Reservoir - Vatn*
    Castle - Wulfila*, Ishild*, Alareiks*, Aoi Jade
    Sparkforge Mægenos*, Jardskjalfti
    The Wet Spot - Deaglan Bhaird
    Deg's Pawn Emporium Extravaganza - Deaglan Bhaird, Plogzop*

    9LIiPjA.png LAWS 9LIiPjA.png

    Rights of the People
    All freemen and women of Alfheim are entitled to the following rights:
    • The right to life.
    • The right to be free from persecution, discrimination, or other forms of cruelty.
    • The right to own property and to be secure in their homes and in their persons.
    • The right to serve on the althing (assembly).
    • The right to self-defense.
    • The right to challenge their offender.
    • The right to an advocate in legal matters.
    • The right to be judged by an assembly of freemen and women (althing).

    Offenses against People
    • Abuse is the mistreatment or neglect of another person who is under the offender's care.
    • Assault & Battery include the threat of or the actual, unwanted physical contact of one person against another.
    • Homicide & Murder are the willful and unlawful killing of another person, either premeditated (murder) or not (homicide).
    • Kidnapping is the unlawful detention of another person against their will.
    • Sexual Assault includes any form of unwanted sexual contact, or sexual contact against an individual incapable of consent.

    Crimes against Property
    • Arson is the crime of setting fire to another person's property, willfully or through gross negligence.
    • Blackmail/Bribery/Extortion involve placing another person under duress to coerce them into an action.
    • Destruction of Property is the unlawful destruction of another person's property without their permission.
    • False Pretenses/Forgery/Fraud are the purposeful misrepresentation of oneself, the services provided by a business, or the production or provision of falsified documentation.
    • Robbery/Theft/Larceny is the unlawful taking of another person's property without their permission.

    Crimes against the Crown
    • Malfeasance in Office is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties.
    • Perverting the Course of Justice is when a person prevents justice from being served on him/herself or on another party.
    • Treason is criminal disloyalty to the kingdom, such as engaging in espionage or aiding and abetting an enemy of the kingdom.

    Crimes against Animals
    • Cruelty to Animals is any Abuse, Assault & Battery, or the unlawful killing of an animal.

    The Legal Process
    When an individual is accused of a crime or an offense, the Wardens of Lightfall will either incarcerate the individual in the dungeon or release them on bond--depending on the severity of the offense and whether or not the individual is a flight risk.

    The althing, an assembly of freemen and women, serves as the court system for Lightfall. The accused is allowed an advocate to present his or her case, while the Wardens of Lightfall or the offender's accuser will present their own. The althing will then review the information and cast their votes to find the defendant innocent or guilty. The jarl may veto the decision of the althing if it is not within the confines of the law (i.e. they vote to punish a clearly innocent person). Only crimes against the crown are tried outside of the althing by the jarl and a small group of trusted advisers.

    If the defendant is found guilty, the punishment will depend on the type of crime. Crimes against people or property are compensated with a weregild (blood money), either in the form of gold or extracted through ritual combat against their accuser known as the holmgang. The duel lasts until one of the participants is unable to continue fighting or the accuser is satisfied.

    The most severe punishment the crown can issue is outlawry. Outlaws are, as the name implies, outside the protection of the law. It is legal for anyone to commit any offense against an outlaw, up to and including murder. Only the most heinous of crimes result in outlawry.

    Note about Artwork
    All artwork on this site was commissioned and/or created by and belongs to Ljos' player and may not be used by anyone else.