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Posted by Ljos (played anonymously) December 17th 2019, 9:50pm
Over the last week, gremlins have become a more frequent citing throughout the city. The Wardens and the crew of the FarStrider have been capturing these miniature pests whenever they encountered them, but on the night of December 17th, a large number of these creatures attacked the castle.

While the Wardens were able to hold off the gremlins, a few stole their way inside and irreparably damaged one of the sparkforges. The forge was on the verge of exploding, which would have destroyed the entire city, but fortunately this disaster was avoided, however the castle suffered significant damage in the form of a hole through the roof. Unfortunately, the gremlins also released the most dangerous prisoner in the dungeon: Agnarr the Valravn.

The lights in countless homes and businesses throughout the kingdom have gone dark in response to the damage to the sparkforge as repairs are being made on the remaining two forges.

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