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    A Closed Species
    The Power of Belief

    There is power in belief. It can create hope among the hopeless, and a god for the godless. When people believed just enough they gave the heavens themselves power to create a creature that stemmed from those beliefs and wonders, a piece of the very star they had come to worship over the millennia gave answer to those hopes and dreams they so desired. Their lives were bound to the very star that bore them into the universe and until the star went out - they lived. That was how the first Cadenti was born.
    A Host of Thanks!

    Thank you so much for your interest in my project! The Cadenti are something very near and dear to me and I pour my heart into making each one unique and designed for their players in question. This has been something I have wanted a long time - a place where people can enjoy my brain children but not necessarily be tied to my universe. I have always been a world builder, so to get the opportunity to design something people enjoy has been the greatest honor that the players of this species has given me. As such I do ask that you do not steal anything from this species as I have spent quite a deal of my time researching and designing each one and have taken courteous effort to make sure I have not done the same to anyone else's species. If you are interested in owning one please come speak to me and I shall see what we can do!
    The Cadenti © TakodaVega
    ghbMwUp.png done by Postey
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    Artwork has been made possible of this species by these wonderful artists:
    Zorkia, Archery, MyLoveless, Atropa Grimm, Fokscy, Teal in Triplicate Studios and ScribbleQuirkStudios

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    Established October 2017