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    How you got there in the first place isn't relevant. Stuck on a slave ship crossing one sea to the next. As slavery was recently outlawed in your country, you thought it to no longer be of concern, yet when one of the last slave ships was to leave overseas they managed to take a good haul.

    Maybe you thought your life to be over or maybe you thought it not to be a loss either way, but there's no turning back now. So far overseas the old king can no longer be relied on to send ships to search. As it stands this is your new life.

    Or it would've been. Bastard of a ship captain got too cocky; the whole damn thing broke apart in the middle of a storm and scattered all his mates from south to north, clinging to wreckage.

    Middle sea has a strange way of working things, though. Rumor be that magic gathers within these mysterious waters. Civilization only travels through a pass between lands because it's a place too dangerous to go.

    The remnants pull up on the shore a strange place. Jungles aren't unfamiliar yet strange creatures inhabit it and the food it grows is empowered by magic.

    Dangerous as it is, though, you have no choice but to survive.

    Anyone up for a strange lands exploration type thing, filled with drama, grimdark fantasy aspects and combat, this is the place. Taken by slavers over boat, you've been marooned on a foreign island with no choice but to survive with the people that crashed with you.

    A setup like this could take a lot of forms, depending on your ambitions. You can explore my weird, semi-derivative wild life, colonize and create a town, setup a tribe, unearth ancient lore, anything like that. Though, the premise, regardless of how you go about it, will remain the same:

    Kill the gods.

    — Make it dramatic. We're not running with dice, because freeform combat is my niche but don't treat it like some kind of bde competition to become the coolest dude. Be flashy but be willing to take damage in turn; these monsters are meant to be fiercely powerful; creatures someone of comparatively average stature must either have perfect strategy or endless guts to survive, and creatures that one can't hope to win against without sacrificing something. Everybody will get their chance to be cool and accomplish something if they actually try to do so.

    — Be willing to play multiple characters. Multiple small parties of individuals who develop over time and have relationships between them. You don't have to write with yourself if that's awkward, but being willing to control 3-5 characters in addition to the one you want to bring along would be ideal. If not, that's fine, but be willing to keep an open mind with operating multiple characters if it's requested.

    — Be willing to have friction. In a setting like this, it would make sense for there to be a little drama. Tension is high, dangers are fierce and not everybody has to get along, but these should be small things, and should be used to develop characters, not as a way to steal attention/attack other players/or just for the sake of it.

    — Characters shouldn't be turbo strong. There isn't necessarily a cap on strength, and characters are allowed to grow to be strong in their own right over time but can't begin at their peak. This goes hand-in-hand with the dramatic fighting; if you can effortless tear through a boss monster with some obscenely powerful attack then maybe temper the character a bit? Abilities that have sufficient drawbacks might be overlooked; but it's something that will be brought to attention if it's a problem. Same with versatility; if a power can solve everything or overcome anything then it might be considered too strong.

    — Players who are willing to develop characters over time. A scenario like this might be slow-paced and should be come into with some goal in mind; whether it's just for the sake of dramatic fights and overcoming obstacles or some dream you want fulfilled in a fairly open-ended experience. I'm willing to tailor to any experience; if you have a specific idea that sounds interesting to explore and want to do that here, bring it up to me!

    — Players with an open mind. If some weird shit happens that doesn't align with your expectations, that shouldn't have to be a deal-breaker. Depending on its severity that might be different but just be willing to roll with my weird punches.

    — Not a hard preference or requirement but unless you're particularly confident in your interesting human character, I would prefer there to be little or none, though human-likes (elves, dwarves, or other strange 'humans with parts attached') races are fine. Regular fantasy races seem a tad dry, though, I'd prefer obvious stereotypes avoided unless they're appropriate.

    — Character death. A tricky topic but be willing to let it happens. I'm not going to force a character death if it's someone you want to keep- and I'll ask, since consent is sexy- but if you think it adds to a scene then let it happen, yeah? A ferocious world like this should naturally have death, and I'll make sure it happens in some form over time if players are stingy. This goes hand-in-hand with playing multiple characters. More will be introduced over time.

    — Consent between players. If you're going to do something that would extremely affect their plans, make sure you ask before you do. Warring factions (if it gets that ambitious) or destruction of things other players have built; if you think it would be a problem then bring it up, and if it is, don't do it or try to work for a compromise.

    — Battle anime-esque combat. A bit of a kitchen sink mentality, where sheer force of will, hard work and guts, pure strategy and perfect tactics all work just as validly as one another. 'Going with the flow' types of fights where the logic might not be consistent but should be treated as it is, and combat shouldn't conform to one singular, finite meta, and everybody should be rooting for others to win and be cool as much as they're wanting themselves to be.