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  • The Knights

    The Knights are a group that wishes to bring peace to the Four Nation. It all started when a boy from the Kiulef Nation discovered an old rune speaking of warriors descending from the skies to stop a war over the lands. A few years later, Erianta and Wylore claimed war upon each other, dragging Jeaboivv and Kiulef into the battle for ultimate power. That very boy then decided that he would be the one to make the tale of the rune a reality, and traveled across the land to gather a group to do so. The leader of Erianta, Jyun, overheard this and sent his son, Ryu, to exterminate the new threat. Ryu managed to slay the boy, but he was futile to stop the group now known as the Knights of the Sky. The boy became a martyr and inspired people all over to join the Knights and end the war.
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  • Erianta

    The Nation of Flame and Power, Erianta is located in the north of the continent, residing in, and around, Mt. Llu-Llu, a Volcano. They use the magma within Llu-Llu as a source to power up their machines and Flame Gauntlets, which allow them to manipulate flames. They rely heavily on Jeaboivv for knowledge and Wylore for the materials to make such things. However, when Wylore began to deny all trades with Erianta, their only option was to declare war. Jeabloivv, which had been denied trade as well, joined the charge eagerly.
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  • Wylore

    The Nation of Earth and Wealth, Wylore is located upon an island in the middle of a crater filled with water within the south. They mine deep within the crater in search for rare materials not usually able to get to with the help with Jeaboivv's machines. With air tight, they accept help from Kiulef with zeal. However, when Jeaboivv began to mess around with Kiulef, Wylore stopped trades with Jeaboivv and Erianta in order to stop the advances upon their ally. This, of course, sparked a war between the Nations, which was inevitable from the start.
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  • Kiulef

    The Nation of Wind and Artisanship, Kiulef is located in an advanced city in the sky, above the west ocean. They claimed the land as well, using the merciful plains as a way to grow crops and breed livestock with ease. They gained the technology to build such a grand city from Jeabloivv and the means to power it from Erianta. Wylore gave Kiulef the materials needed and before any of the Nations knew it, Kiulef had it assembled ASAP. When Erianta and Jeabloivv began to hassle Kiulef, Wylore stood up and denied trade with the two sparking a great war.
  • In a world of war and hardship across the nations, someone is needed to establish peace.
  • Jeaboivv

    The Nation of Water and Technology, Jeavoivv is located in the highlands of the east. Famous for their grand ideas and ability to instruct how to make them, Jeaboivv rely on their trades with Wylore and Kiulef for materials and creation and Erianta for a power source. When Kiulef began to take longer than usual to create their machines, Jeaboivv began to hassle the Nation of Wind. Then Wylore denied all trades with Erianta and Jeaboivv, forcing Erianta to declare war. Jeaboivv was happy to go along, hungry for the minerals Wylore held.
  • Specialties

    While it is a known fact that Erianta holds a ton of power supplies and Kiulef can make just about anything thrown at them, the people of the Nations are able to manipulate the elements at will. And with a little help, their people gained the ability to use their powers with more efficiency than before.

    Flame Gauntlets: A special glove that contains flames from Mt. Llu-Llu. These Gauntlets release flames which the user may control if they may ever lose their spark at any given time.

    Magnetic Bracelets: Bracelets that those of Wylore wear to help move rock, dirt and metal to their heart's content. Whenever they may feel a bit sluggish, these Bracelets empower the wearer to move more metal and rock than before.

    Air-stones: Stones that fell from the sky that are implanted into the hands of the people of Kiulef, they help the user manipulate the wind more freely and without struggle.

    Dragon-scale earrings: Earrings fashioned by the scales of a Dragon, the wearer feels as if they can't move another droplet, these earrings give them the strength to create a beam of H20 once more.