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    A fantastical planet where magic and science find themselves pitted against one another, and where one can find danger and intrigue no matter what side they might find themselves on
  • Did You Know?

    Exodus is approximately three times the size of Earth.
  • This Group's Purpose

    As Exodus' creator, I welcome you to my personal little piece of imagination. Started roughly ten years ago from the mind of a little girl, this ever-growing world of mixed genres has been expanding and shifting ever since, and it doesn't look like it'll stop anytime soon!

    Originally planned to be the setting of a series of books, Exodus has been played with and developed partially through roleplay, and it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to find that I have characters who hail from them and call back to the cultures and events going on around the world.

    But there is so much information about it that is floating around without a solid place to sit that I taken it upon myself to create this group for it. Currently this will serve as an information dump, but I may open it up in the near-future for others to play in!
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    Attack of the Laziness!

    Posted By Copper_Dragon on Nov 30th 2012

    Oh darn my lazy streak!


    Group Revamp

    Posted By Copper_Dragon on Mar 6th 2012

    Or more like "Lauren plays around..."


    And so the project begins

    Posted By Copper_Dragon on Feb 29th 2012

    Thus begins my epic journey...


  • So What is Exodus?

    The world is a vast Earth-like planet that gets its fair share of peculiar visitors and just-as-strange natives. With a long history of conflicts over magic and technology superiority, it has become a land plagued by political intrigue and unwanted interest from alien peoples looking to settle in, make alliances with the world's kingdoms, or more expansive goals of dominating as much of the magically-inclined populace as they can.

    While the conflict of magic versus technology is always looming over the heads of the people, it becomes further twisted by the wants and desires of Exodus' own sovereign nations. Kings are always looking for more to rule, nobles are always trying to get up higher on the food chain, and forces far beyond those of mere mortals are always trying to play the great chess game of the cosmos-- and we're no more than the pawns upon their board.

    But all is not so terrible. There are always those who wish to make things better. To free enslaved peoples from their masters. To bring justice to the world. To carve out their own path through destiny...

    Neither side has it easy, even when they think they do, and all is never really as it seems when viewed through the eyes of both sides of the story.
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  • Current News

    The Current Year is 1517 Sempas Varcas

    With Lorlexia and Sylvio stripped of their sovereign power, the Chehtorian Empire has now gained full control over two-thirds of the western hemisphere of the planet. Tensions are high even years after the war that allowed such an easy take over, but the Chehtorian's leader is being oddly civil in dealing with the tension between his own people and those of his new territories.

    The alien civilizations of the Emerald and Amethyst moons have finally come to a stalemate themselves in their own conflict, and for now they quietly move back into the shadows to tend to their political and physical wounds. An eerie silence finally passes over the skies, and it feels like it is only a matter of time before politics-- or maybe even something preying upon such tension-- to strike.

    Regret sits in the hearts of those nations who could not defend their allies or were forced to fearfully watch the heavens for so long. For now the pieces of the wars' impacts must be picked up and hastily put back together, and life trudges forward as it always has into uncertainty.
  • Recent History

    (Within the last 14 years) 1503-1517 S.V.
    • Draconus has officially been the reigning king of Lorlexia for eight years
    • His opposition to the south, Cyprus Riveredge of Sylvio, is crowned king after the death of his elderly father
    • In Arathexellia (April), Sylvio goes to war with Lorlexia utilizing some technology they bought from the Chehtorians. The conflict lasts until Oextellia (October) of the same year
    • The Empire sweeps in and conquers both war-torn nations for itself
    • The Empire creates the secondary class of all non-Chehtorians, enacting a law that all of those one year and older are required to wear a red sash, and those older than the age of five must wear magic-hindering shackles around their wrists