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This group has been archived by its founder. It may still be viewed, but can no longer be joined or posted to.

  • o45OQbE.png can be categorized a punk/streetpunk, and blends classic and modern punk together seamlessly. They speak out on politics, freedom, working class struggles, social injustices, police brutality, and having a good time. They bring a lot of energy to the table whether the music is live or a recording; their style of playing, on-stage antics, and crowd involvement are just some of what makes Ferry stick out from some of the other bands out there.


    "Ummm... 's real upbeat, y'know, no' loik... too 'ggressive. Real raw, y'know, real. No' loik a lo'uh the poppy stuff tha's goin' on roigh' now. Mo' loik the classic stuff, the real good stuff tha' sticks wif ya. A lo'uh the toime, yeah, bands play wot the people wont... they's sor'uh ruled by i'."
    - Adney Hackwell (Hack), Bass

    "It's everythin' y'wanna 'ave sex to, pretteh much. Raw, passionate, yea, real loike Cracka said. Yea. Our music's wot we wanna play, not wot everyone's 'opin' to 'ear."
    - Greg Anson (Scooter), Vocalist/Lead Guitar

    "It's just..fookhin good music, y'kno'? Don't need a better reason than tha'. It gets the ol' blood pumpin', like a rush of adrenaline, tho'. Hits yer like a fookhin' brick, like, and ya love every minute of it." - Paxton Davies , Drums
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