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    All campaigns on extended hiatus until December 2019. Trying to get life sorted out and I don't believe this time that I can bluff my way out of it as usual. I am not abandoning the group, but temporarily halting all processes until things begin to look satisfactory. With such a long wait, campaign mechanics will undergo major changes, of which I'm not 100% certain decided on yet, but there are new things I realized that I haven't taken into account that breaks the lore of the campaigns, and if anything, I for one hate plot holes. For example:

    1. Where's Jenova in all of this? In Genexis Part 5, she is supposed to be MC, but other than staying in Hunter Base, she doesn' anything of substance.

    2. On the attack at Hunter Base, no other outside authorities show up and everything is apparently normal and additionally there's no sign of concern from literally anyone, after witnessing the whole battle.

    3. The reason for Eon traveling to parallel realities to gain power by killing his alternate selves makes no sense. Why? Because there is no reason...the one thing I can think of is that they're throwing shots in the dark and seeing what sticks afterwards.

    4. IF EON IS SO IMPORTANT, THEN HOW COME THE MAJORITY OF THE HUNTERS ARE SITTING IN HUNTER BASE DOING RANDOM ODD JOBS AND LIVING IN SECRET HOUSING UNDERGROUND??? As far as lore goes, practically everyone knows something of the guy, but they don't do anything about it!

    5. Hunter Base leadership is so so painfully backwards, even I don't know how it got this bad!

    There's plenty more things I can say about the internal quality of the campaigns, but after this hiatus is over, I can assure everyone that the issues discussed above will be rectified somehow.
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    Campaign Name Change

    Posted By psionicburst on Apr 13th 2019

    This literally affects nothing.


  • Long ago, past the age of ancients, were the three prime entities, known as the Great Eternal Ones: Reality, Entropy, and the grand firmament that which was the infinite universe itself, existed in a state of perpetual stasis, until the machinations of fate freed Entropy from its cosmic binds. Upon instinct, its first order was to spread chaos betwixt reality and the greater universe. As such, a high consciousness was born from reality, named Xetheres, and was tasked with the directive of becoming the champion of the universe. From there, Xetheres was granted the powers of Reality and made protectorates of its own, calling them the champions of Xetheres, bestowing them the great powers of reality itself.

    Over time, the chronicles of the gods played out in a dimension higher than any mortal could comprehend, and soon, the hierarchy of creation became unstable and chaotic.

    Eventually, there came into existence a god named Kranos, the Divine Timekeeper, who challenged the dominion of the Great Eternal Ones and shattered Reality into several fragments, unknowingly creating a innumerable multiverse.

    This is Universe #8, a reality in which one of the champions of Xetheres became imprisoned for his malicious acts and soon developed into a monstrosity, spawning a great number of evils to envelop the world of Cyndra (the world of the campaigns) into ruin.

    In the world of Genexis lies eight campaigns, a story for each descendant of Jupiter Rose. In order, they are...







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    "What fools they were to stop someone the likes of me. Mortals have no chance against the powers of an immortal!" -Godslayer