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Size: Roughly the size of France

Population: 27,382,201

Capital & Largest City: Lakeview

Government: For being such a large and expansive empire, the way of governing things is surprisingly simple. Once every 25 years, a new heir will ascend to the throne of the Empire of Spades, though every quarter century, there's not one or two candidates, rather there's five of them. The reigning emperor (or empress) will marry five spouses, one from each province, and these spouses (if female) were bear the child of the reigning emperor (or the empress will bear one child from each of her husbands) and these five heirs will be raised in their respective province, being provided with near limitless wealth, plenty of resources to help their education and combat, as well as frequent visits with their respective sibling. Once they have reach the age of 19 years old, they will meet in the empire's capital, whatever it might be. Soon after arriving, they will be given a task by the reigning monarch, these tasks are often very similar to each other, though the siblings will not be allowed to travel with each other, as this is meant as a sort of competition among them. The sibling that completes the task first will be the one who ascends to the throne. All five siblings must complete their task by at their 24th birthday lest they lose at on the throne. The children who were not lucky enough to take the throne will become the new leaders of the other provinces.

Before the child can take the throne of the Empire, they are required to have found and married their potential spouses, each child is expected to have at least met their five desired partners before they return to the Empire's capital. They are also required to get together and produce an heir with each spouse within the first five years of marrying them. If they child had failed to find their spouses, they will instead be assigned spouses by the leaders of each Province, some of them consensual sent to the capital, others are forcibly taken. In between the child is conceived and born, the spouses are recommended to spend as much time together, as once their child is born, the spouse will be moved back to the province they came from to raise their child with highly trained instructors, trainers, and guards where they will be groomed for their own future trials. The father (or mother) isn't completely absent from their lives, as they will have three scheduled visits with each child annually, however this doesn't apply to the spouse and child that lives within the Emperor's province. This has been a controversial law that many people are trying to reverse, including several of the current heirs to the throne.

The 'winner' of the competition will also determine the seat of the empire and the empire's capital, so this means, both of these will change at least once every 25 years, prior to Lakeview being the capital during Emperor Donald Sanders' reign, Pernrith; capital of the Adhara Province was the empire's capital. So, for example, if the child from the Stardust Vale were to be the one to ascend to the throne, Iron Vale would become the Empire's Capital and in turn, the Stardust Vale would become the seat of the empire. The first capital was Lakeview and then it shifted to Pernrith, and once again, Lakeview had become the capital following the rise of the current emperor. To date, there has never been a female head of state despite the fact there have been more female heirs than there have been males. The current emperor is Donald Sanders, with his sisters Selena, Marie, and Dana controlling the Stardust Vale, Acrux, and Adhara respectively while his brother, Douglas runs Castor. Currently, Felix (Spica), Gabrielle (Stardust Vale), Harrison (Acrux), Timothy (Adhara), and Felicity (Castor) are vying for their father's position, each currently aged at 23 years old with Felix being the eldest (only by a few weeks) and with Timothy being the youngest. OOC Note: Their tasks will be revealed in a bio that will be linked here when they have been created. This will remain here until all five siblings have been created.

Economy: The empire's economy is relatively strong, thanks to its large size and wide variety of natural resources, there are numerous jobs available for just about anyone that's willing to work hard. The economy thrives on the timber, mining, oil, fishing, and manufacturing industries, with the oil and fishing industries making up nearly 40% of the nation's economy. The gender wage gap is practically non-existent, though the rich-poor gap is a bit of a problem, as the richest citizens earn nearly 30x as much as the poorest and this gap is growing a little bit everyday. Poverty really isn't much of a problem, so the wage gap isn't as bad as it seems. Despite the strong economy, crime is a bit of a problem, especially in Acrux. Burglary, assault, murder, and arson are among the most prevalent crimes.

Culture: The nation is perhaps best described as a melting pot thanks to the five nations that make up this empire. The empire values strength, integrity, love, honesty, and loyalty. While at first, the people of the empire had issues getting along with each other, seeing as they were all citizens of the same empire, but as time went on, they had found the nations had more in common with each than they had thought. If you wish to succeed in the empire, you have to be willing to work hard, handouts are rarely given in this empire. Family is seen as a very important part in many people's lives, though despite the value of family, many people won't get married until they're nearly 30 years old, since many people want to wait until they've found the right person they wish to spend their lives with. Sports, movies, and music are an important part of the empire's culture. Association football, baseball, and basketball are popular sports and gain large followings among the citizens. Actors, actresses, athletes, and other celebrities play a huge role in the popular culture of the nation. Despite the peace within the nation, there are number of groups in Adhara and Castor that wish to be independent from the empire.

Technology: The technology of the nation is pretty average with most of their advancements going towards their transportation, phone, camera, and radio technologies, being similar to the United States in the mid-1930s. The empire is currently developing the world's first wireless communication system, though they haven't gotten beyond the experimental phases yet and it hasn't been released to the public. Radios are commonly used for a variety of things, due to advancements of their cameras and television, they've been able to develop a strong cinema industry, with many households owning a television just to witness their favorite sports or celebrities on screen. Radios are commonly used to help people obtain news, sports, and other important information, while phones are highly important to the nation's communication system. Most of the nation is reliant on trains and automobiles to get around. Though despite their advancements in communication and transportation, weaponry is relatively primitive, with many people resorting to swords, spears, and bows.

Religion: Beyond the Stardust Vale, religion really isn't a widespread thing in the Empire. It's not outlawed, most people just don't care for it. There are a few temples dotting the area, but they were dedicated to the old deities of the Empire. There are a total of six major deities that the people of the nation worship. With the exception of the Stardust Vale, each of the nations that make up the empire were named after their major deities, and the continent was named after the chief deity itself. Columba is the Chief God and is also known as the God of Diamonds, he is associated with wealth and fortune. Lady Spica is the Goddess of Clovers and she's often associated with beauty and fertility. She's often worshiped by the women of the empire, she has a temple in Lakeview. Lady Acrux is the Goddess of Hearts and is frequently associated with love, when a person is married in the empire, they're often married in her name. Castor is the God of Spades and is often associated with knowledge and wisdom. Adhara is the Goddess of Luck and is often associated with good fortune, omens, and wishes. The Stardust Vale is home to one more deity, though he isn't widely worshiped in the empire, with his influence barely reaching beyond the Stardust Vale. Hinnia is the God of Nature, he is often associated with nature of course, but is also considered to be the father of life itself.

Climate: As a whole, the empire has a rather temperate climate, with temperatures generally averaging out at 45°F during the year. Summers are generally mild, but humid and rainy. Temperatures during the summer rarely climb above 80°F and during the winter, temperatures can regularly drop below 20°F. Rain is very common during the later spring and early fall months, while it frequently all throughout the winter. Annually, the empire can see over 120 inches of precipitation, with the Stardust Vale getting most of it.

Landscape: The empire is relatively flat, with much of the landscape being dominated by vast grasslands and forests. The land surrounding the Stardust Vale is a bit more rugged in comparison, with a number of canyons surrounding it. The close to the center of the country you get, the lower in elevation, with Bredon being the lowest city in terms of its elevation. Lakes, bays, and rivers make up a large portion of the empire's landscape, giving the empire a number of spectacular views.

Extra Information & Brief History: The empire has existed for roughly 72 years. Columba was initially composed of five separate countries. Spica, the largest of the five, Adhara the oldest of the five, Castor, the most economically stable of the five, Acrux the smallest of the five, and the Stardust Vale, a nation surrounded by mystery. Initially, these five nations were independent, sharing fairly stable relations, at least they did until Spica began expanding. Initially, they had annexed Adhara and by annexed, they had invaded the nation. Spica's military might had overpowered Adhara's military, with it being annexed soon after they had they overthrown Pernrith, the capital of Adhara.

Following their triumph over Adhara, they had moved onto the tiny nation of Acrux, though this little country chose not to fight back and openly surrendered, deciding they did not to waste resources fighting a much more powerful nation. After Acrux had been annexed, they moved towards the economic powerhouse, Castor. Though Spica was much larger, they had difficulty breaking through Castor's military. They had only succeeded after taking the land near the Castor Bay, thanks to this powerful position, Castor was cut off from a number of resources and docks, meaning obtaining supplies wasn't as easy. Slowly but surely, Spica was able to take the capital city, Ecrin.

Now, Spica had sole access to all of Columba's ports, though their conquest still was not finished, as they would begin to invade the Stardust Vale. Much in a manner similar to Acrux, they willingly surrendered, not wanting to risk any unnecessary casualties, following their surrender, they had become the fifth province of what would become known as the Empire of Spades. Though Spica now controls a large amount of land, they still aren't finished with their conquest, as they've now set their sights on Cassiopeia, planning to invade Krita fairly soon.


Capital: Lakeview

Largest City: Lakeview

Leader: Donald Sanders


Lakeview: The largest city in all of the Empire and one of the largest in the world, in terms of both area and population. Asides from being the capital of the empire, it's famous for essentially floating the surface of Rose Lake, the walls surrounding the city help prevent flooding during major rainstorms, the top of the walls provide the citizens a fantastic view of the empire. From the highest point, an average person can see as far as Ecrin in Castor. It's also home to the annual Rose Lake Festival, a citywide celebration marking the anniversary of the founding of the Empire. People from all over the Empire gather to celebrate, with a massive feast commemorating the end of it.

Peltragrow: One of the oldest settlements in Spica, it was founded soon after people had begun to settle the nation, it had even served the nation's capital for most of its existence before Lakeview was named capital following a devastating lightning storm that briefly destroyed the city. Today, it has a fairly strong education system and is home to the National University of Spica, one of the largest universities in the empire.

Clarcton: One of the earliest settlements in the empire, unlike its western neighbor, the settlement has remained in pretty much the same state since it was founded, with many of the buildings having been around since before the founding of the Empire. Today, the village is well known for its strong fishing industry and provides much of northern Spica and Adhara with plenty of fish.

Polperro: A small settlement home to a population of hard working farmers. The town is well known for having some of the freshest food available and outsiders frequently visit just to sample it.

Llyn: A strange, domed town home to a group of reclusive spider shifters. These shifters will generally keep to themselves, though when they do leave, they often sell silk and other products to travelers, using this as a way of keeping money flowing through the city.

Willowdale: A beautiful city that's known as the Flowering Gem of the Empire. This city gets the name for the abundance of colorful flowers and perhaps more interesting, a strange cave near the center of town. The cave is filled with a number of glowing crystals, and some have formed in the shapes of various flowers, hence the name of the town.

Calcherth: One of the largest cities on Western Spica and a major port city, they're responsible for processing goods that come from other towns and countries, and then will export and import to wherever necessary. It's also a prime spot for fishing thanks to the deep waters surrounding the city.

Bellmare: This was the birthplace of the first Queen of Spica, Dolores Wilson. Her 32-year reign over the young nation was a successful one, thanks to her leadership, the country had thrived and because of the success of her reign, the town has done well to preserve her memory and has plenty of statues erected in her honor. The people of this town were responsible for building the extravagant tomb in the nearby forest.

Arkaley: A small fishing town that's largely responsible for providing Calcherth with much of the fish they export to other countries. The town is home to the Empire Fishing Contest, an annual event in which people aim to catch the heaviest fish. The winner receives a year supply of fresh fish, a nice sum of gold, and a plaque on the city's Wall of Fame.

Venzor: Another important port town, they'll take in shipments from Acrux and other nations before sending it off to Calcherth or other parts of the country.

Hythe: The largest town on the Western Peninsula and one of the largest in the empire. This city is well known for its restaurant industry. A number of different diners and restaurants dot the city, with burger joints being the most popular. Twice a year, there are contests that pit the city's chefs against them. 30 chefs compete with each other in order to earn the favor of five judges. They will judge their entrees, appetizers, and desserts. The winner of the contest will receive a large sum of money to help their restaurant and will be immortalized on the city's walk of fame.

Narnclaedra: A small port town that's largely responsible for transporting people around the Empire and to foreign nations. It's nicknamed the Gateway to Spica because of it.

Davenport: This small town borders Acrux and prior to the takeover by the Empire, the city was often used as a gateway for both countries and before the takeover, Davenport and nearby Wolfpine were major trade partners and share plenty in common culturally.

Red Hawk: A small town that overlooks the border of the Stardust Vale. Prior to the takeover, the city was a major trade partner with nearby Lancaster, though they shared little in common.


Sanctum of Joy: A strange location, the temple emanates a joyful and pleasurable feeling, though why this happens is unknown. Many people visit the temple after they've received good news, believing it'll give them good luck. Sometimes, the broken hearted will come here just for a temporary rush of happiness, though it doesn't last too long after they've left.

Tower of Jacks: This tower was built to honor some of the wealthier citizens of the empire, those who had made major monetary contributions had their bodies buried and entombed in the tower.

Rosebud Farms: These are the largest, commercially owned farms in the Empire, the provide the Empire with over 45% of all of its fresh vegetables, fruits, and animal products. There's over 300 people currently employed at the farms.

Temple of Clovers: This gorgeous temple is used as a place of worship for Spica, the Lady of Beauty and Fertility. At any given time, numerous maidens can be seen tending to the temple. Inside the temple is a large, golden statue of the common depiction of Spica.

Tower of Queens: This is the resting place of the first Queen of Spica. The tower had been erected shortly before she died, the people of Bellmare wanted to ensure that the nation's beloved queen would be immortalized. After she had passed away, her coffin would be moved to the top of the tower. It now serves as a beacon of hope for the people of Spica, though this tower holds much less significance in other parts of the Empire.

Capital Lighthouse: The lighthouse was built to commemorate the day that the five nations of Columba joined together to make the Empire. It serves as a beacon for all those who have united as one and is one of the Empire's most famous landmarks.

Crossroad Tower: This tower serves as an inn and tavern for people traveling across Spica. The top of the tower is famous for giving patrons a beautiful view of the Empire. The tavern serves a variety of drinks, including the world famous cherry ale.

Beak Lighthouse: Arguably one of the most important lighthouses in the Empire. Due to its location, it helps direct a number of incoming and outgoing boats.

Spica Shipment Co.: This company is largely responsible for processing and sending out a vast majority of the shipments that the Empire receives. Within the company's warehouse is over 4.5 million gold pieces worth of goods and because of it, it has frequently been targeted by thieves.

Eagle Eye Bay: The bay is one of the most important shipping routes, over 300 ships will pass through the bay every week, each importing and exporting a large amount of goods. It's not clear where the bay gets the name, but it's believed to do with the early leaders of Spica.

Talon Lighthouse: This lighthouse helps direct ships towards Calcherth, though its light is also strong enough to aid with ships entering and exiting the bay.

Winged Lighthouse: Another lighthouse designed to aid with the traffic in the Eagle Eye Bay.

Tower of Kings: This is another roadside tavern and inn frequented by traveling to and from Acrux. Like the northern, towering inn, it's famous for its beautiful view at its top.

Coastal Lighthouse: One of the many lighthouses used to guide traffic around the southern shores of Spica and Acrux.

Rose Lake: One of the seven major lakes in the Empire, this beautiful lake gets its name from the large quantity of rose quartz beneath the waters, the stones give the waters a light, pink tint to it.

Lake of Spica: Another of the seven major lakes in the Empire. The Temple of Clovers overlooks the lake that was named after the Lady of Fertility and Beauty.

Queen's Forest: The forest gets its name from the rumors that have spread. According to these rumors, at certain times throughout the year, one could spot Queen Dolores wandering about the forest. Her birthday, her wedding anniversary, her death, and the birthdays of her seven children are the days that one could supposedly spot her, though this hasn't been confirmed.


Capital: Iron Vale

Largest City: Iron Vale

Leader: Selena Ray-Sanders


Aeredale: A small city that's renowned for the forge in the center of the city, it's known as the Meteorite Forge and is known for producing weapons of supreme quality. Those who obtain weapons from the forge have said their weapons feel as if they come from the stars themselves, though these weapons are incredibly expensive and only a few people have been able to afford it.

Ironforge: A small mining town that's known for once being quite skilled in taking advantage of the many minerals that hide deep within the nation's soil. With the iron they dig up, they'll ship it around the country, though for reasons unknown they had abruptly stopped mining, many had rumored that they're hiding something, since there's still plenty of iron surrounding the city, though this is unconfirmed.

Bredon: The lowest settlement in all of the Empire, they sit nearly 200ft below sea level. This makes it the only city not to be reached by the Empire's railroad system. If you're wishing to visit, you'll have to use a special lift system built near the station just outside of the city limits.

Hinnia: One of the oldest settlements and named after the Stardust Vale's God of Nature. The village was built on top of the water in order to be closer to nature. The citizens don't actually own many boats, though, rather most of the citizens tend to swim from building to building.

Lancaster: A small town that borders Spica, like Bredon, this city requires a specialized cable system to transport people and goods from the higher city of Red Hawk, though unlike Bredon, it's home to one of the Empire's many train stations.

Xynnar: A small town that's well known for their farming industry. Many of the citizens are employed in some kind of agricultural job and this town is responsible for providing the Stardust Vale with much of its food. They also specialize in creating a wide variety of apparel thanks to the abundance of cotton.

Iron Vale The capital and largest city in the Stardust Vale. The settlement is one of the major mining cities in the province and thanks to the iron rich soil that the city sits on, they've been able to keep up a decent supply and provide much of the Vale with plenty of needed materials. Precious gems and metals are often dug up as well.


The Whispering Tower: A strange, creepy tower that's known for the strange voices that whisper in the tower. What or who causes these whispers are unknown, though many have investigated in hopes of discovering the cause, but none have been successful.

Iron Chasms: Though on the surface, the caverns seem quite small and unimpressive, at least besides the massive tower looming over them. But, on the inside, these caverns are incredibly expansive, they seem to extend throughout the entirety of the Vale, though few will explore them since it's easy to get lost within them. Those who have ventured far into the caves often claim they've seen strange, molten people, claiming they're the legendary Lavis.

Iron Chasms Tower: Though the entrance to the tower has yet to be discovered, the tower is famous for its height. The tower is the second tallest structure in the Empire, standing well above many of the other buildings in the Empire, only the Royal Palace in the capital stands taller than it.

Iron Tower: One of the many inn and taverns that dot the countrysides of the Empire. This one is well known for its view of the Stardust Vale, though beyond this gorgeous view, there isn't much to write home about.

Stardust Vale Temple: This temple was built as a shelter for citizens in the off chance that the Stardust Vale was invaded by foreign forces, it can hold nearly 500 people inside it at any given time.

Forest of the Vale: This is the only forest within the entirety of the Vale, it's home to a nomadic tribe of spider shifters known as the Silken Fang. The tribe is perhaps best known for the silk trade, they provide the Vale with strong, smooth silk in return for food. The silk produced by these spiders can be used to create especially luxurious clothing.

Hinnia Lake: This is one of the seven major lakes that dot the Empire. It was named after the Stardust Vale's God of Nature.

Warhammer Outpost: This small outpost was used to train future blacksmiths that inhabit the Stardust Vale. Many of the blacksmiths that emerge from the outpost often go on to have fairly successful careers.

Shadow's Den: Much like the Iron Chasms to the north, this rocky region is home to a massive network of tunnels that were heavily used in the nation's mining industry, though recently, the mining had stopped due to a takeover by the criminal organization known simply as Shadow, they now use these tunnels to store funds and goods.

Shadow's Den Tower: The tower that watches over the tunnels serves as the hideout for members of Shadow. At the top of the tower, the leader can be found, though getting there is incredibly difficult.

Vale Outpost: The outpost was once used as the hideout for Shadow, though once they saw the potential benefits by hiding within the nearby tunnels, they had abandoned it. Today, it remains empty with only a few traces of the organization's tenure there.


Capital: Solaris

Largest City: Solaris

Leader: Marie Duncan-Sanders


Solaris: This is the smallest of the capital cities in the Empire. It's close proximity to the shores of Acrux make it a valuable port and fishing town. Over 350,000 tons of fish are caught annually and this serves more than three-quarters of the Empire. Over 400 ships will come and go in the nearby docks.

Wolfpine: A small border town that sits near Spica's Davenport. Due to their close proximity to each other, the cities share plenty in common culturally and are major trade partners. People frequently travel

Little Ivywood: This small town closely resembles that of Ivywood in Centauri, being the reason the town is named such. The town is home to a fledgling cinema industry and is known for its beautiful scenery.

Aquarrin: This city sincs just a short distance from the shores of the Lake of Acrux. The small city is often considered to be the kindest in the Empire, it's renowned for its hospitality and generous population.

Cirrane: One of the two settlements that border Castor, though this is the smaller of the two. Cirrane is often used as a resting point for those coming in from the east. Because of this, plenty of citizens have taken advantage of it and many have opened up taverns and inns for the travelers, in fact, at any given time, there are more visitors than permanent residents in Cirrane.

Landow: The larger of the border towns, though unlike Cirrane, it doesn't see much outsider traffic due to the fact that the only nearby city, Haran, doesn't have any direct roads that go to Landow. Though, they're currently working to fix this with a new railroad being built between the two cities.


Acrux Temple:

Solaris Lighthouse: The only major lighthouse in Acrux, it's used to help direct traffic coming in and out of the Castor Bay.

Solaris Docks: The docks are used as an entry point for people outside of the Empire to arrive in Acrux. People, shipments, and nearly everything in between stops here before continuing their travels.

Diamond River: One of the many rivers that create the borders between Acrux and Spica. It's a commonly used fishing route for both sides of the border.

Ivywood Marshlands: This small forest has grown over a small swampy area, though the forest is dense, many have come here to do some hunting and to gaze upon the large building in the center. The areas in and around the forest are known for being fertile and the outskirts are known for being prime farmlands, it's believed to be due to the energy flowing out from the labyrinth is what gives the marshlands its fertile soil.

Ivywood Labyrinth: The Ivywood Labyrinth is a strange series of tunnels that spans across the marshlands. In the lowest point of the labyrinth is a strange, green spire that exudes a powerful, yet... calming energy. It's believed this spire is what gives the marshlands the fertile soil. Those who approach the spire are said to feel energized and joyful.

Temple of Hearts: This temple to honor the Lady of Hearts, Acrux. This temple is frequently used for people who are set to be married soon, most often by the residents of Acrux. The temple is well known for the gentle, happy feeling that people often get when visiting the temple.

Lake of Acrux: The largest of the seven major lakes of the Empire, it's often known as the Lake of Love as it's the place of many weddings in Acrux.

Horizon Tower: This inn gets its name for its view over the Stardust Vale, from the top of the tower, you can see everything the Vale has to offer.

Sapphire River: This river decides the borders between Acrux and Castor.


Capital: Ecrin

Largest City: Astrakane

Leader: Douglas Sanders


Guthram: A major resort town that's well known for its pristine beaches, it's known as the Vacation Capital of the Empire; a wide variety of resorts and a number of high quality restaurants. Many couples come here for their honeymoon while others will often come here to start up their own restaurant or inn in hopes of making it big.

Ferncombe: Another major port town, they will see nearly 200 ships a day, with many of them being passenger liners. Despite the city's proximity to the southern shores of the province, it's not really known as a resort town. The town is normally used for business purposes.

Aquarine: An important agricultural town and one of the largest of its kind. The city specializes in nearly every form of farming one could think of; they specialize in fruits, grains, vegetables, animal products, among many other things. There is little beyond farmland in this town, though it's a prime spot for people looking for work.

Ecrin: The capital city of Castor and it's another major port town in the Empire. It's one of the gateway cities to Castor and it sees nearly 400 new visitors on a daily basis. Shipments of all kinds will pass through the city's docks as well. The first leader of Castor had been responsible for designing the world's first drawbridge, the Ecrin Drawbridge.

Skystead: A small town sitting on the border of Acrux. The settlement is well known for its gorgeous view of the meteorite that rests of the southernmost portion of the Comet's Forest. Beyond this beautiful view, the town has a rather strong fishing and farming industry.

Astrakane: The largest city in Castor and one of the border towns. This one borders Norwick in nearby Adhara. This city is considered to be an innovator in the Empire's entertainment and is the birthplace of many of the most popular sports in the Empire, including association football, rugby, and basketball.

Haran: This small town overlooks the Temple of Spades. It's known as an educational powerhouse as the Columba University makes its home here. The university is well known for being a popular choice for those going into history and science fields.

Cherrytown: This small town is nicknamed the Orchid of Castor and is famous for its extensive fruit farms. As one might gather from its name, cherries are its primary goods. In fact, they make a wide variety of cherry goods ranging from candies, pies, candles, and even make furniture from the wood of cherry trees. Apples, oranges, grapes, and other berries are commonly found here as well.

Wingston: Another town that borders Adhara. The town doesn't have much to really drive tourism or foreign interest, instead it's generally used as a stop for people traveling between Cherrytown and Penrith.


Castor Bay: One of the major trade routes in the Empire, nearly 200 ships will pass through on a daily basis. Though it spills into Acrux, it's always been considered to be Castor's territory.

Shoreside Outpost: The outpost is used as a place to train those who wish to become professional fishers. It seems kind of pointless, though because of how profitable such a career it is, people will frequently visit it.

Castor Lighthouse: One of the many lighthouses that dot the Empire's coast. Along with the Solaris Lighthouse across the bay, it's used to direct traffic around the bay.

Crimson Temple: The Crimson Temple is home to a strange Pyroc dragon named Scorchis. Initially, the temple was used as a place of worship for the Guardian of Fire, but after the arrival of Scorchis, the dragon had strangely turned it into a shelter for abused and lost children. When he finds these children, he brings them to the temple where he'll take care of them until they're ready to leave on their own.

Ecrin Lighthouse The largest lighthouse on the eastern side of the Empire, it directs traffic towards the Ecrin Docks.

Fallen Star Crater: Quite possibly the most famous sight in all of the Empire, this massive rock had slammed into Majoria generations before Castor had been inhabited. The area around the meteor is rich in minerals and people often take advantage of the iron surrounding the meteorite, though for whatever reason, people seem to be avoiding mining the meteorite itself.

Starlight Observatory: The observatory was built to obviously study the stars in the night sky, they've been responsible for the discovery and classification of numerous stars, moons, planets, and comets.

Labyrinth of the Cosmos: These tunnels seem to be dedicated to the Guardian of the Cosmos, Stella. The tunnels are marked with many astronomical calendars, the most important of which seems to make the orbital periods of the planets and when they'll align, though it's not clear what'll happen when they align. Plenty of studying has gone into this, despite that, nobody's come to a solid conclusion. According to the markings this only happens once every 560 years for a span of less than two hours.

Lake of Castor: One of the seven major lakes in the Empire, it was named often the God of Wisdom, Castor. The center of the lake is home to the god's temple.

Temple of Spades: This temple was built as a place for those to worship Castor. It's often used by those who are pursuing knowledge and intelligence and has even been used as places of education, though those who have attended classes taught here have said the classes are incredibly difficult to understand.

Emerald River: One of the two rivers that determine the borders between Castor and Adhara.

Comet's Forest: This forest gets the name for its shape, it extends much like the tail of a comet. It is also home to the Fallen Star Crater, which forms the 'nucleus' of the Comet's Forest.

Starfall Farms: These farms are used to take advantage of the many types of fruit that grow in the fields around it. Much of it goes to Cherrytown to be processed.

Cherry Forest: This large forest spills into Adhara. The name comes from the large amount of cherry trees that grow within it. A sweet scent flows along the wind in the forest, making it a popular spot for many to explore.


Capital: Pernrith

Largest City: Norwich

Leader: Dana Warren-Sanders


Larkinge: This small town borders Spica, though recently a storm had ended up damaging the bridge that joined the provinces. This bridge provided plenty of trade opportunities between them, though now they have to rely on the boat systems to get across the river.

Penrith: A small town that borders Castor. Its position between Wingston, Everton, and Larkinge makes it a common stop for travelers, though they generally don't stay here for very long. The town practically lives on the lodging industry due to this.

Everton: Much like Penrith to the west, this small town generally serves as a checkpoint for travelers coming from the capital or from the east in Norwich.

Pernrith: The capital of Adhara, this town sits on the northeastern boundaries of the Empire. This town is well known for sitting on prime farmland. Grains, corn, potatoes, and a variety of other vegetables are grown here. They provide the eastern half of the Empire with enough produce to last several generations.

Norwich: A major port town that borders Castor, this city welcomes nearly 2/3rds of Adhara's annual visitors. Fishing is a highly important industry here, as they'll be responsible for providing much of northern Adhara with much of the fish they use.


Violet Outpost: A small outpost used to train those who wish to enter more combative careers like bounty hunting, many of those who train here will come out as skillful warriors.

Lake of Adhara: One of the seven major lakes in the Empire, this lake was named after the Goddess of Luck and the namesake of the province, Adhara. The Lady's temple rests in the center of the lake.

Temple of Luck: This temple is dedicated to those who wish to worship Lady Adhara, though many come there simply in hopes of feeling better about themselves.

Writer's Tower: This small tower was once home to a famed author who had simply went by the name of the Ink Mage, though her real name is unknown, or if the author was even a she for that matter. It was believed that she was responsible for spreading the knowledge of the Deities of Columba.

Inked Forest: This forest served as the home to the ancient author.

Tower of Aces: The tower has a strange history, prior to being taken over by the forest, this temple was home to a group of gamblers. They spent their lives playing poker, blackjack, and other card games. Why they did this is unknown, but explorers of the tower often make note of the many cards, poker chips, and the strong smell of whiskey in the tower.

Forest of Cards: This forest served as home to the mysterious group of gamblers.

Temple of Diamonds: This temple serves as a place of worship for the Chief God of the Empire; Columba. Those who come to the temple often to feel empowered when they leave.

Lake of Columba: This lake was named after the namesake of the Empire, the Chief God, Columba.

Amethyst River: This small river creates the northern border of Castor.

Ruby River: This small river creates the border with Spica, though it's mostly out of commision due to the destruction of the bridge that connects the provinces.

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