Background Story

  • History


    In the age of 1503 a huge part of "Phirals Empire" seceded from the territory of this nation and got parsed to four new empires with a different genre, people, and culture.
    Old Phirals Empire land was valuable for all of the people who were looking for power and gold, so they used this golden situation to make and build their nation to reach the fame and respect or maybe a better life, but they stepped in a new story, a new game. Game of politics and war. In that mess situation in the country, some of people collected more amount of soldiers and also more powerful that others so they succeed at taking and capturing new lands and territories, and it was just start of a new kingdom. after some few years fighting and killing, burning villages and other wild things finally war is over and its the time to rebuild the world. Four kingdoms did the better jobs that other ones so they got enough power to lead the people and armies. New Phirals is now for them and they are using their power to lead people and earn more respect.
    The last paint from King Krumar (Last king of Phirals Kingdom)

    After some few years people finally accepted these four empires as their new saviors, they are paying their taxes and trying to be helpful for other people and empire to keep the economy great. Villagers are working hard with love to bring love and good life back to their land, however these four empires are not in full agreement to each other and there may be some arguments between them.


    Land of Phirals has been located in the Middle Europe, cold lands are in the north side and because of equator landing in the middle of this place, there's some dry and hot parts in this nation. something like deserts. Mountains and snows in some locations of this nation saved the people from dry years without water, so they have enough water and food also in the summer because of lakes and rivers.
    Plenty of villages can be noticed all around the nation even in snow side. The ocean made the distance between east and west so it made people to work more on their ships in order to travel from the sea or trade. Also there's some islands in the middle of the ocean, can be noticed in south or north, four kingdoms couldn't succeed at taking them because of some reasons, so they are alone for now with their villages and maybe people, without being under control of any kingdoms.
    After four kingdoms came the old roads destroyed and replaced with new roads but the safety of some of them are still a bit weak because those bandits could be everywhere in this land.