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  • If you are interested in roleplaying at MA you need to have the Furcadia client, which houses the institute and makes MA possible.

    To find MA you can follow this link: (currently down)*
    or you can find MA in the Imaginarium section of the game!*

    **Dream currently under construction and unavailable
  • Origin

    Years ago in [2006], the original Mutant Academy had opened. It was a school for mutants, much like Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning.

    In the years following a continuity developed, and Mutant Academy was eventually replaced by Tyme's Institute, which in plot was demolished. Darien City took the place of Tyme's Institute, and furthermore Mutant Exodus was the last dream of the sequence.

    From nostalgia and a love for X-men, I have decided to recreate Mutant Academy. Whether this dream has any success is uncertain, but the ability to recreate a cherished memory is a fruitful endeavor in itself.
  • Founder

    Jadice Anne Schultheiss (jay-dis schul-tice) was a student at Mutant Academy. She was a part of the exodus to Tyme's institute, as well as to Darien city after Tyme's demise. From an angsty teenage student into a nihilistic young adult bartender, she would inherit a good sum of money that would turn her life around. With this money she was determined to help her fellow mutantkind, and rebuild a new Mutant Academy - Schultheiss's Institute for Higher Learning.

    The construction process is slow and there has been a lot of dust, but gradually the new academy is being built from the ground up.