• The Template Jam is proud to present a diverse library of CSS profile templates.
    The Jam is currently comprised of Green and Auberon.

    We pool resources, compare notes, and help each other bug test our templates as we go! Some of us are beginners, and some of us have worked extensively with layouts, but we all share this hobby and the desire to do more with it. We're an art house, basically, working in concert to produce content.

    We've been busy coding up some RPR templates, which you can preview on the CSS Templates section of this group. Since we're rapidly building up a library, we thought it prudent to offer them a la carte.

    Our primary goal is to deliver templates that span multiple genres to enrich the RPR community, and our secondary goal is to raise enough money to cover our various adobe and stock website subscriptions. When you purchase a template, proceeds are split evenly between the collaborators in the Jam who worked on that particular layout. By funding our efforts, you ensure that we can continue this hobby and expand our offerings with new layout styles and backgrounds!

    We've also got a BBCode Library that we're steadily trying to build up to add to free community resources. In addition to that, we've also got a few free templates available to all Epic Users! While we'll only be selling templates done by the core team, we welcome submissions to the BBCode Library and showcase threads for selling your own wares.


    The Template Jam
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