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  • A far-flung world of green, full of magic, wonder, and secrets.
  • Welcome to the Wilds...

    The Verdant Wilds is a small island resting among a gray, coldwater sea. It gains its namesake from being mostly forest, with a single tall mountain at its northern end, and a massive ancient tree at its center which can be seen from every part of the island.

    Though pockets of civilization do exist, most of the island is untamed wilderness, and full of hidden wonders for adventurous spirits.

    Feel free to check out the Lore section of this group for more information on the regions and points of interest.
  • When joining the Wilds...

    The island is surrounded on all sides by an ocean so vast, none have crossed it. However, that does not make it inaccessible. The ancient tree at the island's center radiates magic, and its roots stretch into the fabric of reality itself. Sometimes, unstable portals form in its nooks and crannies as a sort-of magical discharge, and Travelers may find themselves in the Wilds if they stumble through one of these portals.

    Some Travelers find, once they land in the Wilds, that the portal has transformed their physical body into something more akin to the Islanders; animals which stand upright on their back-legs and can speak. However, others come to the Wilds completely unchanged, and though none are sure for certain why the change only affects some Travelers, the consensus seems to be that those who've changed had consented, at least in part. Whatever legends may surround the ancient tree, none speak of it being malicious, and it is commonly accepted that it may not change Travelers who wholly do not wish to be changed.

    For the ones that do change, however, they might take on the shapes of avian creatures or bats, and find themselves able to fly and see long distances, or hear very well, while others might become amphibian and able to hold their breath for a very long time. The only common trait they all share is that they can breathe air and survive on land. As well, some travelers with breath weapons or telepathic powers may not retain those abilities, while others might. Those who were mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns might change into anthropomorphized versions of those creatures, even retaining some or all of their magic. For the ones who lose an ability, they often find they've gained another that they didn't have in their world. The tree works in strange ways, and how its magic shapes a Traveler is very individualistic, and typically follows some of that Traveler's input.
  • About this group...

    Though "Fantasy" can be just about anything, the kind of fantasy which often dominates roleplaying spaces is primarily focused on stories about war, combat, or good versus evil. This group is aiming to be none of those things, instead opting to find other modes of creating conflict and drama that don't rely on excessive violence.

    What we do want to offer are stories about travel, adventure, survival, and friendship. We aim to create scenarios where the tension might come from a shortage of resources, natural disasters, or misunderstandings, and where the tone can be more light and whimsical to better suit the kind of "enchanted forest" vibes we're going for.

    If your brand of fantasy leans more into Studio Ghibli than Tolkien, or if you're just curious and willing to try it out, we welcome you to join us.
  • Rules

    1. Be polite and considerate of others. This is meant to be a place to unwind and go on fantastical hijinks. I don't mind people speaking their minds, but please be mindful of others' comfort level, and try to avoid making people feel unwelcome.

    2. Communication is key. If you're unsure of another's comfort level with something you're about to do, it's okay to make an OOC post directly asking the other player(s) if they're okay with it.

    3. This is a Fantasy setting. We do accept characters from other universes. However, please make sure your character either is, or can be retooled to fit, a PG13 setting. As well, things like cell phones, phasers, motorized transport, or other sci-fi/modern things wouldn't fit here.

    4. Romance is not part of the overall plot. However, that does not mean it can never be mentioned. If two characters are married or otherwise in a relationship, it is not a forbidden topic, but please don't make that aspect of their characters the focus, as it has the potential to eat up far more screentime than this setting is really geared for.

    5. This is a low-combat setting. It should be assumed that PVP is neither expected nor desired outside of rough-housing or sparring matches. True fights are allowed if all parties consent, but cannot end in the death of another player, and graphic violence is strictly forbidden.
  • FAQ

    Where should my character start?

    Most portals open up in Greenhaven, but characters are actually welcome to start in any of the regions except for Mt. Nimbus or the Deepwood, for lore reasons. You also don't need to feel constrained to your starting area. Feel free to move your character around the world and participate in as many adjacent RPs as you like. As well, your thread isn't locked to the region it was started in either. If you started in the Golden Grove, but your group has traveled to the Teal Pines, there is no requirement to move to the Teal Pines forum. You could globetrot the entire Wilds in a Greenhaven thread, if you wish.

    What kind of character should I use?

    The portal mechanic means a variety of characters are accepted in the Wilds. However, please make sure your character aligns with Rule #3. As well, you have the option of allowing the portal's magic to change your character into one of the sentient animals like the locals, or staying the same. Either way, so long as it follows Rule #3 and isn't too power-creepy, it will be welcome.

    What wouldn't my character be able to do?

    This setting supports magic, so empowered characters are not forbidden. However, anything which might ruin the wonder or mystery for others wouldn't be welcome. Ex: Flight is allowed, whether your character already had it, or optionally changed into a creature which can fly. However, flying to the top of Mt. Nimbus without being buffeted by the strong winds would be a cheap way to achieve what should be a challenge in-universe. As well, being able to 'tame' or otherwise navigate the Deepwood unhindered would take away the feel of what the Deepwood is supposed to be: A dangerous, inhospitable world that would take planning and coordination to traverse. If you worry that your character may have abilities which might break the game, feel free to ask either in the OOC area, or just shoot the Founder a PM.

    Can we play as an Islander/resident?

    I'm not adverse to the idea, but I'm not sure how to go about integrating people into the world yet. If you have an idea for a specific character though, feel free to send me a message and we can talk about how to place them. I'd really prefer PCs to be interested in adventure and not be too established in the world though, but so long as you can play alongside the Travelers in the world, I don't see an issue with playing an Islander.

    What does 'Occasional Dice Use' mean?

    This is a low-stress setting, so the occasional use of dice only really affects minor things which might be fun for your character to interact with and respond to. I only intend this to be part of the 'quest' threads the Narration character puts out, so it isn't mandatory for your threads unless you want to opt into that. I don't plan on using them for things which are 'pass or fail' though unless a special circumstance comes up that requires the kind of arbitration which only random chance can give fairly. However, it is my philosophy that RNG should be like opening a mystery box, and not feel like making your character's competence or knowledge a gamble. Put simply: I don't believe in using RNG to police character actions or stifle power creep. My goal is to make all the possible outcomes from rolling dice interesting or exciting, and to give people little bits of material they can work with that not even I can predict.
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