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  • Sunclan
    Grassy fields for territory with a brblw entrance
    Nursery is guarded with big thorns, with the softest moss inside. At the apprentices' den and warriors' den, the moss is not as nice, but has a corner where light can flood inside, warming up the small cave. The leaders den is a average cave room, with sun peekinf through holes ofc the side. Athough it can sometimes get wet inside, the apprentices mostly seal it up. The Elders den also has the soft moss provided by the apprentices, but is well protected with sticked and boulders leaning on a huge rock. The Elders and leader both share a patch of grass next to their dens.
    This is the clan with the strongest cast

    Moonclan lives inside a cave, nearby the daystone, where the medicine cats go eveey half moon.
    The caves are almost identical, the leaders, elders, and nursery being the largest. They don't have to often be reinforced, but the entrance is guarded almost every hour of the day. The front also has twigs and brambles to stop intruders from getting inside easily. Moonclan cats are often told how to get inside with a different route, by jumping on rocks that helps them jump over the bushes. This os difficult to do for the other clans, and kits, wwhich is why apprentices learn thisbon the first day of their training.
    This is the clan with the swift and stediest cats.

    The cats of this clan live on the mountains, which aren't very far from where the other clans live, as they all live at a high altitude. This place faces more foxes, therefore cats are at the protected entrance day and night. The elders' and Nursery are under the same tree, secured with branches, stiff vines and ice. The warriors', apprentices, and leaders den are all inside different trees, the leaders being the biggest.
    This is the clan with the most agile cats.
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