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  • 1. No running in the halls
    2. No bullying
    3. No weapons in the school halls or classrooms
    4. Must respect your teachers and princable
    5. Must listen to those uncharge of you
    6. Must leaves weapons at front desk Untill after school
    7. Must have all books
    8. No late night parties or drinking
    9. No excuses on skipping classes
    If you skip a class you will get a F unless you are sick
    10. No evil magic in school grounds
    11. No pets on the school grounds
    12. Stay in you dorms for homework and sleep during the times of 9pm -6am out guards will be on watch and if anyone is found out of there dorms at that time for any reason you will be reported to the princeable directly and will be banned from the school
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    This school has a football team and a cheer squad
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