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  • This is a world I created for my book series. I want to take it and give it an existence outside the main story. Bring in your mages and lets save this crumbling world
  • This is a world of magic. There will be 3 main RPs surrounding this universe.

    The First is the medieval ages, surrounding the fates of the gods, the sources of magic, and the hidden world of monsters.

    The Second is The more "Retro" ages, taking place in the 1970's. It follows the magical and non-magical worlds clashing, the instabilities of humanity, and the evolutions of magic itself.

    The Third takes place in the modern ages and forward, with some advanced technologies integrated with magic.It will follow an age of fading magic, immense changes of the state of the world, and the rise of a completely new being entirely.

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    The Catalyst Era (Medieval):
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